Test guide #3 chapter 6 and 7

Approximately how many females in the population be over between ages of 50 and 59


Population b is most likely

Stable or close to stable

Population a is most likely

Rapidly growing

Which population is larger

Population a

According to the theory of demographic transition birth rates may drop difference during phase


According to the theory of demographic transition birth rates may decline during phase


According to the theory of demographic transition to heist birthrates and death rates are most likely to occur during


According to Theory demographic transition rapid growth occurs during


When looking at an age structure diagram you notice the low stage represents the lowest percentage of the population. You're most likely looking at

A population that will begin to shrink when that age group reaches sexual maturity

Most demographers estimate that the human population will stabilize between blank and blank billion people by 2100


Population size can be estimated using the formula

CBR+ immigration-CDR+emigration

At one point China had the highest fertility rates in the world now with the rate of 1.6 births/women The population is expected to

Begin fall 2040

A country has a TRF of 1.6 yeah it's population continues to grow which is one likely explanation of this deviation from the norm

The net immigration is high enough to overcome low TRF

The region of the world with the highest incidence of HIV infection is

Sub-Saharan Africa

The infant mortality rate and child mortality rate are defined as a number of deaths per thousand live births for children under blank and blank age

1 year an 5years

A particular country has a total fertility rate equal to replace the level fertility and immigration equal to emigration which of the following must be true

The population will be getting growing as soon as TRF=2.1

Malthus noted that human population grow blank while food supply grows blank


Gross to Mestic product includes


Urban populations represent approximately blank percent of the worlds population but consumes blank percent of the worlds resources


Ivory Coast and China or two developing nations China has a much larger Per capita ecological footprint then Ivory Coast this is most likely due to


Using the rule of 70 a population growing at 10% would double in

Seven years

A present earth human population is

Increasing exponentially

The population of the United States continue she grew as a result of

All of the above

Population growth rates are high in developing countries because

Children are often in important economic advantage

Populations whose age structure diagrams or mirror at the bottom then at the top have

A decline in population

The human population is currently following roughly a J shaped curve this means that the population is growing


The total fertility rate is an estimate of

The number of children each woman in a population will have

The most critical factor in controlling human population growth is

Decreasing the average number of births per woman

If the growth rate r of a population is positive and remains constant the number people added to the population

Increases each year

The birth rate of population is expressed as a


After a forest areas such as national Forest is clear-cut what type a succession occurs


___ secession begins on bear rock after glaciers have passed or on newly formed volcanic islands


Is species that plays a major role in determining the structure of the ecological community is

Keystone species

Many plants have the reeds infected with specialized fungus the plant supplies carbon to the fungus and the fungal supplies nutrients to plant this is an example of __ Association


Sap feeding insects that feed on plants may be classified as


Several species of harmless kingsnakes mimic the color patterns of venomous coral snakes which serves as models if avoidance were based solely on prior predator experience with the motto what do you predict would happen in areas where coral snakes were ne

Predators would attack and Eat King snakes

Which behavioral response to the threat of Predation is most likely to be selected for any species that uses camouflage for protection

A motionless behavior

If you find a brightly colored insect resting on a leaf is most likely to be

Poisonous or distasteful

If an insect eat the lettuce seedlings in your yard it is acting missed like in


Past century sagebrush has dramatically expanded its range over The Colorado Plateaus grasslands. This has been attributed to the overgrazing of the areas grasses by cattle and sheep this. Example indicates that

The range of Sagebush is normally limited by the competition with grasses

Two species up buttercup can be found in the same field of South Dakota they merge at different times one specie emerges and flowers and early spring and the other species emerges in late summer after the first species have set seed then flower species ar

Resource partitioning

Earthworms live in many grass enforce ecosystems and aerate soil as a borough they in just organic matter in trouble between soil horizons these trades are collectively referred to the __ of the earthworm


The concept of two species cannot occupy the same ecological niche it's called

Competitive exclusion

Which of these outcomes is likely a natural situation one too closely related species compete for resources in the same habitat

Population size and distribution of each species may reduce

It's similar species each occupy a smaller niche when they lived together than they would if they live they are said to be

Partitioning resources

Two species that have high degree of niche overlap will

Compete intensely

Presentation is similar to blank in the types of relationships benefit one of the interacting species why the one is harmed


Which of the following is not a type of interspecific interaction


Which of the following is a density independent event that could limit the size of a population

The accidental spill of the pesticides that caused population to decrease

A study conducted in the laboratory used wasp as predators and bean weevils as prey The wasp lather eggs on the weevil larvae which provide food for the newly hatched wasp what would be the most likely a hypothesis for this outcome of this experiment

The predator population increased and decreased slightly later than the prey population

Miss parasites have evolved to blank their host

Only weaken

Rabbits were introduced to Australia about 100 years ago for the purpose of hunting. They have been multiplying eating up the native vegetation and destroying the native habitat of other small animals ever cents in the 1950s in order to control the rabbit


A laboratory experiment followed by the groove of a Blauer be total population over time at first the population increased her medically a bit later growth and the population level while the food was abundant it was noticed that flower Beatles resorted to

It serves as a density dependent means of population control

Rapid growth may be temporarily observed in a population in response to all except

Introduction of a new parasite

And exotic species is one of which blank an ecosystem

Is foreign to

And ecosystems carrying pasty for population is determined by the following factors except

Climatic events such as tornadoes

A population of river otters has a group rate of .2 per year if the population starts out with 50 individual and there is no migration how many would you expect after one year after two years


Which type of population distribution can enhance protection from predators

Culmped distribution

The organisms that represent all the different interacting species within an ecosystem make up and day