Chapter12/13 Test

which of the following is NOT a nonrenwable energy rescource


the fact that global transfer of energy from fuels to electricity is about 35 percent efficient is mostly a consequence of

the second law of thermodynamics

which of the following is the most fuel efficient mode of transportation in terms of joules per passenger-kilometer


which of the following is NOT associated with the surface extraction of coal

land subsidence and collapse

which of the following statements regarding petroleum is correct

2 and 3

nuclear power plants produce elctricity using energy from the radioactive decay of

uranium 235

currently most hihgh level radioactive waste from nuclear reactors in the United States is

stored at the power plant that produced it

A radioactive isotope has a half life of 40 years and a radioactivity level of 4 curies. How many years will it take for the radioactivty level ot become 0.25 curies


which of the following energy sources is responsible for the largest fraction of electricity generation in the United States


In 1969 M.King Hubbert published a graph known as the Hubbert curve. This graph shows?

the point at which world oil production will reach a maximum and the point at which we will run out of oil.

which of the following is NOT an example of a potentionally renwable and nondepletable energy source

nuclear energy

Renewable energy sources are best described as

those that are,or can be, perpetually available

an energy efficient building might include all of the following excpet

building materials with low thermal inertia

which of the following sources of energy is not solar based


which of the following demonstartes the use of passive solar energy

I and III

what can be extrapolated

model 1 is more cost effective

the primary sources of rewenable energy

biomass and hydroelectricity

the environmental impact of cutting down a forest to obtain wood as fuel for heating and cooking coud include

I and iI.

Whch of the following statements best describes hte sources of energy in us enery consumption patterns

fossil fuels continue to be the major energy source for all sectors

which of the following best describes US energy use

Electricity generation is the largest end use of energy in the United States

Which of the following best describes the role of renewable energy in the United States

its largest contribution is to the electricity genration sector

In order to best achieve energy sustainability humans must consider which of the following strategies

II and III