UFO passage

What kind of passage is this


What is the logical conclusion based on the last three paragraphs of the passage

A fighter pilot shut down a UFO that is now being kept in a hanger at a local army base the army is trying to cover up the story

Which of the following statements best describes these eyewitness accounts

All three are primary sources

What is the main idea of the UFO passage

Conspiracy and cover up

What is the logical conclusion based on the first two paragraphs of the passage

Aliens appeared in New Mexico last December and abducted a older man

Which of the following is The authors purpose for writing the passage

Provide the reader with information about a possible UFO sighting

Which UFO statement is likely to be true

Magazine does not have high standards of the fact checking

Who is the eyewitness

Pam and a neighbor are the primary source the reporter is not a source

Which of the following expert from the passage contains Opinion

He seem to be describing a mid air battle indicating he had fired a missile with the enemy

what is the topic of the passage

Confirming facts of UFO is diffcult/ hard to obtain info

What is the Best summary

In December women sighted UFO elderly man was reported missing ufo watched reported seeing them at your phone army base in our refused to comment

is the following a topic, main idea, supporting detail or theme of the UFO article


army doesnt want to talk about UFO support

UFO watchers today contacted army base spokesman refused to comment.

what is the purpose UFO passage

To entertain/Narrative