Intro to Criminology, Ch. 09 Quiz

The Bureau of Justice Statistics is responsible for the

National Crime Victimization Survey.

Which UCR Part I crime is not included in the NCVS?


The __________ is considered by many researchers to be a more accurate measure of the actual incidence of crime in the United States


According to the NCVS, _________ crimes are most likely to be reported to the police.


If you needed official police statistics on crime in Texas, you would use


Which of the following is not a UCR Part I offense?


UCR Part I offenses are subdivided into which two categories?

Violent personal crimes and property crimes

The proportion of reported or discovered crime within a given offense category that is solved by the police is known as the __________ rate.


Some experts say that __________ is the most under-reported crime in the UCR.


Which of the following is not a reason why rape victims fail to report their victimization?

fear that the crime is not important enough to report

The category of crimes in NIBRS that corresponds most closely to the UCR Part I offenses is

Group A offenses

Which of the following was not a possible cause of the increase in reported crime between the 1960s and the 1990s?

the aging out of the baby-boomer generation

Which of the following was not one of the possible causes listed in the text to explain the decrease in reported crime since the mid-1990s?

social upheaval

Which of the following is not a finding of the National Youth Survey?

Females are involved in a smaller proportion of crime than previously thought.

Which of the following theories does not use a typology that focuses on a combination of factors?

the general theory of crime

Premeditated murder is

first-degree murder

__________ is a true crime of passion.

second-degree murder

Drunk driving is an example of

negligent homicide

The subculture of violence thesis was originally proposed by

Marvin Wolfgang and Franco Ferracuti.

The primary theoretical perspective used to explain the fact that victims and offenders who are intimately known to each other are disproportionately represented in homicide statistics is

the subculture of violence thesis

Approximately __________ percent of homicide victims and offenders have some prior relationship.


When a male is killed by a female, the offender is most likely to be

his wife

Homicides that involve victims and offenders who have no prior relationship are classified as

non-primary homicides

The exposure-reduction theory focuses on explaining rates of __________ homicide.


Which of the following factors does not appear to contribute to the decline in intimate-partner homicide?

an increase of the number of women living in poverty

__________ refers to issues surrounding how access to guns may increase their presence in all types of interactions.


Which of the following is not one of the three ways that alcohol and illicit drugs may be associated with violent offending.

Selective dis-inhibition

The concept of _________ explains a crime that is committed to support an addiction to drugs or alcohol.

economic compulsion

The connection between drugs and drug trafficking is described by the concept of

systemic violence

__________ focuses on explaining the role that alcohol plays in homicide

Selective dis-inhibition theory

The theory of selective dis-inhibition was developed by

Robert Nash Parker

Which of the following is not a characteristic of gang homicides?

They are more likely to involve victims and offenders who have a prior relationship

During the early 1990s, gang-motivated homicides __________ and gang-affiliated homicides __________.

decrease; increase

Which of the following is not one of the ten myths of serial murder outlined by Fox and Levin?

serial killers do not want to be apprehended

Which of the following is not a thrill-motivated serial killer?

a protection-oriented killer

According to the typology of serial killers developed by Fox and Levin, __________ serial murders include those who hear voices commanding them to kill.


According to Fox and Levin, the __________ serial killer commits murder to mask other crimes, such as robbery.


The women who killed at the behest of Charles Manson were examples of __________ killers.


According to Levin and Fox's typology of mass murder, the most common motive for such a crime is


According to the typology developed by Levin and Fox, the killings by the Charles Manson family were motivated by


A __________ is a short-term acute trigger for a mass murder.


__________ are conditions, usually situational, that increase the likelihood of a violent outburst but are not necessary to produce that response.


The UCR data set includes __________ rapes than the NCVS.

significantly less

The best measure of the prevalence of rape comes from the

National Violence against Women Survey.

Which of the following is not a rape myth?

they are all current rape myths

Which of the following statements about the common law definition of rape is true?

The common law recognized only female victims.

Which of the following was not required by the rules of evidence under the common-law definition of rape?

The victim had to be the spouse of the offender.

The first state to redefine rape to include a broader range of behaviors, circumstances, and victims was


Which of the following is not one of the themes common to all rape law reforms?

Eliminating the marital exemption for rape

Rape shield laws

place restrictions on the introduction of evidence regarding the victim's prior seal conduct.

The first state to eliminate the marital exemption for rape was


Which of the following is not part of Russell's typology of men who rape their wives?

Husbands who do not desire non-consensual sex with their wives

Same-sex rape is common

in correctional institutions

According to feminist perspectives on rape, rape is viewed as an act of


The __________ perspective on rape assumes that rape is the result of idiosyncratic mental disease.


__________ developed an integrated theory of rape.

Larry Baron and Murray A. Straus

Which of the following is not one of the elements in Baron and Straus's integrated theory of rape?

victim-offender relationship

According to Baron and Straus, which of the following is not directly linked to increased rates of rape?

high rates of legitimate violence

Hazelwood and Burgess's typology of rapists is based on

the offenders motivation

Which of the following is not one of the types of behaviors encompassed in child sexual abuse?

An adult engages in nonsexual activity with a minor.

According to Groth's typology of pedophiles, __________ are adult pedophiles who engaged in planned sexual acts with children and whose behavior is not necessarily influenced by drugs or alcohol.

fixated offender

Which of the following is a personal robbery?

robbery on the street

The most common type of robbery is __________ robbery.

street or highway

Which of the following is not an institutional robbery?

a mugging

Felony murder most commonly occurs during the commission of which felony?


The majority of robbers are


Which of the following types of robbery is most likely to be affected by crime prevention strategies?

robberies on mass transit

The transit workers with the greatest risk of robbery are

taxi drivers

The majority of street robbers target

individuals involved in lawbreaking

Which of the following is not one of the three strategies drug robbers use to minimize the risk of retaliation inherent in targeting drug dealers?

Selective dis-inhibition

Robbers who target drug dealers they do not know are employing the technique of


Which of the following is a characteristic of female robbers?

They frequently rob females in a physically confrontational manner.

In which way are male and female robbers similar?

Economic incentives are the primary motivation for both male and female robbers.

Which of the following is not typical of an aggravated assault offender?

Evidence of offense specialization

According to Richard Gelles in the 1970s, violence within the family only concerned criminologists if

someone was killed during the violent event

__________ experience the highest rates of workplace violence.

police officers

Which type of workplace violence accounts for the majority of workplace homicides?

Violent acts by criminals otherwise unconnected to the workplace

Health care workers are at particular risk of which type of workplace violence?

Violence directed at employees by customers or clients

Which of the following statements about workplace violence is not true?

Most workplace victimizations are interracial.

The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 mandated the addition to the category of hate crime any crimes motivated by

a bias against people with disabilities.

Hate crimes are most commonly committed by

white males

The first anti-stalking statute was passed in


Stalking behaviors include

all of the above

Which of the following statements about stalking is not true?

Male victims of stalking are more likely to report their victimization to the police.

A stalker who sees the victim as a soul mate is probably a(n) __________ stalker.


A stalker who acts out of a sense of wrong or a grievance against the victim is probably a(n) _________ stalker.

resentful vendetta-motivated