2a - Chapter 20 - Nursing Informatics

1. A home health care nurse is using the steps of the SDLC, to design a new system for home health care documentation. The nurse analyzes the old system and develops plans for the new system. What is the next step of the nurse in this process?
a. Test

b. The SDLC requires focus in the areas of Analyze and Plan, Design and Build, Test, Train, Implement, Maintain, and Evaluate. After analyzing and planning the new system, the nurse would move on to the design step in which the basic design of the new sys

2. *After instituting a new system for recording patient data, a nurse evaluates the "usability" of the system. Which actions by the nurse BEST reflect this goal? Select all that apply.
a. The nurse checks that the screens are formatted to allow for ease

a, c, d. Usability refers to the extent to which a product can be used by specified users to achieve specified goals with effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction in a specified context of use. Checking that screens are formatted to allow ease of data

3. A nurse is using informatics technology to decide which patients may be at risk for readmission. What is the term for this type of analytic?
a. Data visualization
b. Predictive analytics
c. Big data
d. Data recall

b. Predictive analytics encompasses a variety of statistical techniques that analyze current and historical facts to make predictions about future or otherwise unknown events. In health care, this is used by organizations to attempt to identify patients w

4. *Population health addresses the health status and health issues of aggregate populations and addresses ways in which resources may be allocated to address these concerns. What is the driving force behind the use by health corporations of analytics and

a. Information technology is a part of the core infrastructure on which population health can be assessed and addressed. As organizations transition from the traditional fee-for-service model to value-based payment models (including ACOs), data, informati

5. *Nurses incorporate telecare in patient care plans. Which services are MOST representative of this technologic advance? Select all that apply.
a. Diagnostic testing
b. Easy access to specialists
c. Health and fitness apps
d. Early warning and detection

b, c, d. Telecare generally refers to technology that allows consumers to stay safe and independent in their own homes. It may include consumer-oriented health and fitness apps, sensors and tools that connect consumers with family members or other caregiv

6. A nurse is testing a new computer program designed to store patient data. In what phase of testing would the nurse determine if the system can handle high volumes of end-users or care providers using the system at the same time?
a. Unit
b. Function

d. Performance testing is more technical and ensures proper functioning of the system when there are high volumes of end-users or care providers using the system at the same time, ensuring it can handle the load. Unit testing is basic testing that occurs

7. Nurses test new technology in phases. In which phase would the nurse "test drive" the new system?
a. Unit
b. Function
c. User acceptance
d. Integration

c. During the phase "user acceptance," the nurse would "test drive" the new system to ensure it's working as designed. Unit testing is basic testing that occurs initially. Function testing uses test scripts to validate that a system is working as designed

8. *A nurse is using the steps in informatics evaluation to evaluate the use of a portal as a patient resource. What are examples of activities that might occur in the "determining the question" step? Select all that apply.
a. The nurse develops a clear,

a, c. The nurse develops a clear, focused question to determine the data to be collected and the nurse determines how the data ultimately should be reported during the "determine the question" step. The nurse determines what to evaluate during the step "d

9. *A nurse is using information from informatics technology that is synthesized so that relationships between lung cancer diagnoses and smoking are identified. What part of "DIKW" does this represent?
a. Data
b. Information
c. Knowledge
d. Wisdom

c. Knowledge is Information that is synthesized so that relationships are identified. Data refer to discrete entities that are described without interpretation. Information is data that have been interpreted, organized, or structured. Wisdom is the approp

10. A nurse designing a new EHR system for a pediatric office follows usability concepts in system design. Which concepts are recommended in system design? Select all that apply.
a. Users should not explore with forgiveness for unintended consequences.

c, e, f. When designing a system, content emphasis should be on information needed for decision making. All the information needed should be presented to reduce cognitive load. The number of steps it takes to complete tasks should be minimized. The more u