Geography Final

Growing corn did not become popular in Minnesota until farmers discovered it could be used for what?

cattle feed

The invention of what caused Minnesota's farmers to almost entirely stop growing oats?


Widespread dairy farming in Minnesota grew out of a time when every crop farm kept a cow or two for the family's milk and butter.


In crop harvesting, the transition from hand tools to machines came when the cradle scythe was replaced by what?
Answer:the reaper

Mechanical Reaper

True or false. Spring wheat is planted in the spring just as winter wheat is planted in the winter.


Which of the following is the most accurate statement about dairy farms?

Herds are getting larger while the number of farms is getting smaller

True or false. Minnesota is a top-five, milk-production state in the U.S.


True or false. Minnesota encourages skilled dairy farmers from Europe to move to the state and buy farms in Minnesota to increase the skill level of the state's farmers and to increase quality milk production.


True or false. Dairy farming has remained largely unchanged during the last 30 years. The advancements in technology typical in other industries are not present in farming which relies nearly exclusively on simple machines and hard, physical labour.


If animals raised for food are not permitted to leave indoor confinement, but instead are always kept in barns and/or cages, they are said to live on a what?

battery farm

Reasons why corn is perfectly suited to growing in Minnesota

We have 66,000 square miles of flat terrain
We have rich, nutrient-filled soil
We have long, warm/hot summer days

Why is the number of farmers who need off-the-farm, 2nd jobs increasing.

both the population and the need for agricultural products is decreasing

A good way to remember which product is widely produced in western Minnesota, is to think of U.S. Highway 71, especially a 100-mile segment running between Willmar and Wadena, by what nickname?

Turkey Trail

Which area of Minnesota grows the most Corn and soybeans?

southern third

Since 1982, the average age of a Minnesota farmer has been doing what?