Western Europe

London is east of Paris.


Italy was once called the cradle of civilization


Italy and Portugal are both part of Mediterranean Europe


Which area is not considered part of the British Isles


Put the following settlement patterns in the proper order, representing how most areas of Western Europe grew over time: nucleated town, linear hamlet, t-shaped village

linear hamlet, t-shaped village, nucleated town

Which country is often described as two countries; a progressive north dominated by a post-industrial economy and a stagnant, economically depressed south


Describe the agriculture of Greece

An agrarian country, Greece is self-sufficient in staple foods and imports only livestock products

Spain is west of france


The Alps Mountains did not separate ancient Rome from the rest of Europe, in fact throughout history mass migrations through the mountains occurred.


The dividing line between Eastern Europe and Western Europe is along the border of France.


In 377 BC, what city was the capitol of a small kingdom along the Mediterranean coast of Asia Minor?


Which of the following countries is generally not considered part of Mediterranean Europe?


What is the significance of Hadrian 's Wall?

The wall marked the northern defensive boundary of Roman Britain.

What are the three main patterns of settlement?

linear, scattered, clustered

Why is Catatonia an important region in Spain?

It produces 25 percent of Spanish exports and nearly 40 percent of its industrial exports.

Why is the south of Italy so different from the north of Italy?

The south suffers from economic disarray, corruption, and state-run activities.

The majority of the Western European agriculture takes place on the Great European Plain.


The climate of Western Europe is a predominantly a marine climate.


The Ionian Sea is an arm of the Mediterranean Sea between western Greece and southern Italy.


Where does mixed livestock and crop farming predominantly occur?

Between the northern dairy belt and the Mediterranean polyculture

What is the main flora in Europe?


According to the climate map below, Spain and Portugal are mainly in what climate zone?

Subtropical dry summer

On the map below, what is the name of the river traveling through the center of Italy?

Po River

On the map below, the blue line represents which important European river?

Rhine River

The image below is an example of what type of geology?


Why is the potential loss of glaciation in the Alps a concern for Europe?
Glaciers provide fresh drinking water
Tourists visit the glaciers annually
Source of hydro-power
All of the above

All of the above

How many people lived in Pompeii at the time of the eruption?


Why was Pompeii discovered in 1738?

Workmen were building a summer palace for the King of Naples.

When Spartan boys turned 7 they moved into a dormitory to learn to be good soldiers.


Under the feudal system of Medieval Europe, land was exchanged for gold.


Why is Greece referred to as the "cradle of civilization" and the "birthplace of democracy"?

Due to the impact of its cultural and political achievements during the 5th and 4th centuries BCE

Describe the Athenian justice system.
Criminal cases
Property cases
Criminal and property cases
Criminal and property cases as well as the legality of laws

Criminal and property cases as well as the legality of laws

Compare the use of slaves in ancient Sparta and ancient Athens.

Athens and Sparta both used slaves, but Athenian men would work with the slaves.

What was feudalism?

A multi-tiered manor system that exchanged land for loyalty.

Use the following map of European countries color coded based on GDP to compare the GDP of Ireland to the UK

The GDP of the UK is substantially higher than the GDP of Ireland

What was the goal of Impressionist art?

Focus on the general impression of the scene and simulate reflected light.

Which Impressionist artist painted the artwork below?


What does the map below tell you about migration routes and Europe?

Humans emigrated from Africa through the Middle East and into Europe.

According to the following map tracking migration movements during the years of the Roman Invasions between 100 and 500 CE, where was the primary area of migration for the Angles, Saxons, and Jutes? (What is the area currently known as?)

The United Kingdom

Which of the following countries is #6?


Which of the following countries is #5?


The image below is of what famous Wonder of the Ancient World?

The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus (AKA The Mausoleum)

The blue countries on the map below are part of what region of Europe?

Mediterranean Europe

According to the image below, which area of the map represents scattered settlement?

Area B

Acid rain became a major transboundary environmental issue in the late 20th century in Europe.


Human impact on the environment can be seen in the deterioration of the Alps.


Acid rain can damage buildings, stained glass, railroad lines, airplanes, cars, steel bridges, and underground pipes.


Where are problems with acid deposition found?

aquatic environments, forests, and human environments

Which of the following are anthropogenic sources of acid rain?
volcano emissions, lightning, and microbial processes
industrial emissions and other man-made polluters
smokestacks and volcano emissions
microbial processes and fuel combustion

industrial emissions and other man-made polluters

What is glaciation?

Glaciation is the process whereby snow has been converted to ice by the force of gravity and pressure.

Where is most accumulation of glacial ice found?

Mountains or near the poles

Which of the following is a secondary effect of acid deposition?
polluted water
dying forests
airborne chemicals
all of the above

all of the above

According to the map below showing the utilization of renewable energy by the different countries of the European Union, how does France compare to the UK in its use of renewable energy?

France uses more renewable energy than the UK.

Which of the following crops served as the lightning rod for the European debate over genetically engineered food?


Why did the European Union lift its ban on growing genetically engineered crops?
Pressured by the citizens of the EU
Pressured by the United States
Pressured by international farming conglomerates
Pressured by traditional farmers wanting more options

Pressured by the United States

What has helped lower international resistance to genetically modified crops?

Soaring food prices and global grain shortages

Dairy farming predominantly takes place on a ribbon of land along the Mediterranean


Describe the agriculture of Portugal

Traditional farming system provides most of the country's food.

mediterranean polyculture is grown in a region most similar to which agricultural region of the u.s


where is the source of the rhine river

swiss alps

Although loess soils and sediments cover about 1/10 of the Earth, approximately what percent of Europe contains loess.


Why are loess sediments important?

Extremely fertile soil

why is pompeii referred to as the lost city

it was hidden under 60 feet of ash for 1700 years

Who were the strategoi of greece?

The strategoi were elected by the Greek Assembly and controlled the navy and army and basically ran the government.

Although both humans and nature cause this corrosion precipitation, approximately what proportion of acid rain is attributable to humans?


what is the best solution to the problem of increasing acid deposition

Clean coal technology, encouraging citizens to use their car less, and alternative bio fuel development. (all 3)

how were the deep ravines and rock steps of the alps formed

thicker ice and faster flowing ice