neuro-psyc ch 15 quizzes

In the outside clip about an Oklahoman whose video went viral, you learned about a young woman who was diagnosed with which of the following:

narcolepsy with cataplexy

In one of the outside clips, you learned that some people wake up repeatedly after falling asleep because their breathing stops and starts causing them to awake. This condition is called:

sleep apnea

In the outside clip (audio) featuring the comedian Mike Birbiglia, he describes an episode in which he nearly died as the result of REM sleep behavior disorder. Where was he when it happened?

at a room at a La Quinta Inn

In one of the outside clips, you learned about a form of insomnia that can kill. The cases in the film were caused by which of the following:

genetic mutation

In the outside clip about why we dream, you learned which of the following facts about dreaming:

the emotional processes in the brain are more active while we are dreaming than while we are awake

In the outside clip about why we dream, you learned which of the following facts about dreaming:

the processes related to logical thinking are less active when we are dreaming than when we are awake

In the outside clip about circadian rhythms and eating, you learned which of the following:

studies show that disruption of circadian rhythms occurring from working the night shift for a long time are linked to chronic diseases, including cancer

In one of the lecture clips, you learned that treating insomnia is challenging because which of the following:

drugs used to treat insomnia are addictive

__________ rhythms of the body occur multiple times a day, and __________ rhythms of the body occur less often than once a day (e.g., once of month)

ultradian; infradian

In a typical night of sleeping, which of the following occurs:

the amount of time spent in each REM cycle increases

During sleep _________ waves are observed only during _______ sleep

Delta; slow wave

In Matt Walker's Ted Talk, you learned that not getting enough sleep is related to higher rates of ______

all cause mortality

Which type of sleep promotes neural development in children?


The behaviorists objected to introspection as a research technique because ____

it was too subjective

Which of the following has continued to be a barrier to modern neuroscientists studying consciousness?

the belief that the problem of consciousness is too big to tackle

Which of the following animals would be expected to sleep the most, according to the adaptive theory of sleep?

a bear

An interesting new theory for sleep claims that CSF circulation increases during sleep to do what?

remove toxins from the brain during sleep

Many industrial accidents occur ____

between midnight and 4 am

In mammals, the ______ is the brain area most associated with biological rhythms

suprachiasmatic nucleus

Light will ______ melatonin in the body


Melatonin is produced in the ___

pineal gland

Emma is awake, but she has been drinking a cup of herbal tea and is feeling calm and relaxed. What type of activity would you expect to see if she underwent an EEG at this time?

alpha waves

A complete cycle through all sleep stages takes approximately ______ minutes


Which of the following provided support for the idea that slow-wave sleep quantity is partly related to brain temperature?

Heating the head with a hair dryer increased slow-wave sleep

There is evidence that slow-wave sleep is important for ___

restoration of processes involved in cognition

Evidence that has supported the Synaptic Homeostasis Hypothesis has shown that during sleep, ______ occurred at small, unstable synapses but not at stronger synapses


Projections from the ventrolateral preoptic nucleus induce sleep by inhibiting arousal areas including __

the lateral hypothalamus

The neurons of the lateral hypothalamus that release ______ help to stabilize the sleep and waking system to prevent inappropriate switching into sleep


Lesions to the ______ have resulted in cats acting out their REM dreams, as they lacked the atonia typically seen in this phase of sleep

sublaterodorsal nucleus of pons

A gene in the human leukocyte antigen family has been linked to an increased risk of which sleep disorder?


Which of the following is true about narcolepsy?

People experience REM-like atonia during waking

Which sleep disorder appears to result from the development of Lewy bodies in the medulla?

REM sleep behavior disorder

What role does the thalamus appear to play in consciousness?

The intralaminar nuclei of the thalamus help coordinate activity with the cortex, contributing to conscious experience

At what age can children begin to show evidence of their sense of self?

approximately 15 months of age

Juan is undergoing an fMRI as part of a research study. If Juan is shown and recognizes a picture of himself, which portion of his brain would you expect to see increase in activity?


Damage to which part of the brain would be most likely to result in an impaired ability to evaluate yourself, such as describing yourself using adjectives?

medial prefrontal cortex

Nadjma has been watching a figure skating competition on television. When the figure skater misses a jump and falls hard on her arm, Nadjma winces. What part of her brain is involved in this reaction?

mirror neurons

Which of the following statements is consistent with Gazzaniga's beliefs about consciousness?

The right hemisphere has only primitive consciousness

About ______ of the cases of reported dissociative identity disorder have a history of childhood physical and/or sexual abuse


In dissociative identity disorder, neuroscientists have found that "alters" differ from one another in ______

skin conductance

Which of the following brain areas is reduced in size in people who have been diagnosed with dissociative personality disorder?


Which of the following provides evidence that the alters of a person diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder are real to that person rather than fabricated for attention?

When switching between personalities, a patient showed reduced right hippocampal activity, which was not shown when that patient imagined another personality

Which of the following is true about insomnia?

It has been linked to health conditions such as obesity