AP Gov Unit 5 Ch 17 Domestic Policy

Public Policy

An intentional course of action followed by government in dealing with some problem or matter of concern

Systemic Agenda

includes all public issues that are viewed as requiring governmental attention, discussion agenda

Governmental Institutional Agenda

changing list of issues to which governments believe they should address themselves

Policy Adoption

the approval of a policy proposal by the people with requisite authority such as a legislature or chief executive, approval gives the policy legal force


allocation of resources to provide for the proper implementation of public policies, a policy can be nullified by a refusal to fund or by grossly inadequate funding

Income Security Programs

protect people against loss of income because of retirement, disability, unemployment or death of the family breadwinner

Non Means Based Program

programs such as Social Security in which benefits are provided irrespective of the income or means of recipients

Means Tested Program

an income security program intended to assist those whose incomes fall below a designated level

Supplemental Security Income

SSI provides income assistance to needy people who are permanently and totally disabled

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families

TANF primary means tested income security program for the poor, tightened eligibility and limited time in which eligible individuals could receive benefits

Earned Income Tax Credit Program

designed to help the working poor by subsidizing their wages and it also provided an incentive for people to go to work

Food Stamps

government issued vouchers that can be redeemed at retailers for certain categories of groceries

Entitlement Program

an income security program to which all those meeting eligibility criteria are entitled


federal program established in the LBJ administration that provides medical care to elderly Social Security recipients


is an expansion of Medicare this program subsidizes medical care for the poor


Environmental Protection Agency was created by executive order in Dec 1970,

Clean Air Act of 1970

law that established the primary standards for air quality in the U.S.


a set of issues to be discussed or given attention to

governmental agenda

the changing list of issues to which governments believe they should address themselves

agenda setting

the constant process of forming the list of issues to be addressed by the government

Public policy formation

the crafting of appropriate and acceptable proposed courses of action to ameliorate or resolve public problems

Policy Implentation

the process of carrying out public policy through governmental agencies and the courts

policy evaluation

the process of determining whether a course of action is achieving its intended goals

Social Security Act

a 1935 law that established old-age insurance and assistance for the needy, children, and others, and unemployment insurance

global warming

the increase of global temperatures due to carbon emissions from fossil fuels