Ap unit 1 Dynastys

Built the Grand Canal, Buddhism started from north India and gained support, worked on a draft to build canal (conscripted labor)


Expanded military from what sui had in Western Asia. Bureaucracy: had to be trained in confuansim. Kowtow ritual (forehead touching the ground) Persecution of Buddhist/motivation: prejudice against Buddhist because of money. Filial piety: importance on fa


Super fast growing rice, more people started to move in pop 2 mil. (Neoconfucianism) influenced by Buddhism, believed in enlightenment, meditation, family. Role of women: foot binding. (Influence) Korea, (culture) Vietnam, (weapon) Japan(literature)


Muhammad invasion of Mecca: turns poly to monetheistic. Jihad: A "struggle" or fight against the enemies of Islam "holy war" Sharia law: Confucation of Islamic law the caliph they are Islam is leader of government Sunni believed what Muhammad said was hol

Quraish tribe

Origins and capital: Damascus, Syria. Prejudiced: against non-Arabs


Expansion) expanded up to buzzinteen land Persia, Mesopotamia not organized. (Baghdad) center of commerce and culture (decline) issue with transfer of power who takes over 2 sons. (Hemispheric trading zone) encompasses silk roughs camels, Mediterranean Se


(Caesaropapism) leader is ruling based on dicen of authority paper gov. (Conquests) spread more west abbasids east. (Theme system) idea generals would keep in control of their he land they took over. (Germanic states) Visigoths, Ostrogoths, lombards, fran