Chapter 9-10 AP Gov.

Primary Elections

The election before the big election, When a party gets together and decide who they want to run against the other parties.


________ primaries are where you pick what party you want to vote for you do not have to be registered.

Closed Primaries

In __________ __________you have to be registered to vote in a primary.


Democrats do this kind of primaries._______________ primaries are a mini version of the electoral college you have to win a certain amount of delegates to win the seat.

political parties in relation to presidential campaigns

Have evolved from party centered to candidate centered no longer have to work their way up a party.

Front-loading an election

When states try to push caucasus earlier to try and get a win early in the election.

When there is no incumbent in an election

it turns into a competition to where it was two challengers

23rd amendment

Washington D.C gets electors they get their electoral vote

The minimum number of electoral vote a state can get


Hard Money

_______ ____________ is when you give money directly to a candidate/campaign

Soft Money

_________ ____________ is giving money to the party democrat or republican/ PACs

split ticket

__________ ______________means splitting your vote between parties

Straight Ticket

___________ _____________ means you're voting for you party all the way down


these are named after an IRS code. They are tax exempt and aren't party or candidate related they have to focus instead on issues other than candidates.

What did James Madison say about factions?

He Warned against factions but knew it was inevitable. Each faction would do what they could to intervene in government and will try and top other factions and that it is just natural.

Interest groups

They represent us and talk to our representatives for us, Participation Education Agenda Building Program monitoring

Disturbance theory of interest groups

when something is threatened or something is being disturbed falling wages it causes interest groups to form.

Rich White People

Who has the advantage in forming interest groups?


Where PACs get money

The difference between public interest groups and other interest groups (lobbies)

Public interest groups are out there to protect the general public whereas lobbies are more specific reasons and spend money.

The effect of the internet on interest groups

The internet has become increasingly more important. the internet also makes forming interest groups both financially and physically.

They have to stick to issues cannot focus on candidates

How do 527's affect elections?

difference between 527's and different PACs

Normal interest groups can mention candidates (PACs) 527s are tax exempt but cannot mention a candidate and have to stick to a issue gun rights environmental issues etc etc.

Direct lobbying tactics

Personal Lobbying and Legal advocacy

Coalition building

joint efforts conserve or make more effective use of resources - interest groups get together to become a super group typically temporary .

Ideological PACs

They have no parent organisation and are raised solely to support and raise money for other PACs they are a PAC to help other PACs

Problems of Interest groups

-Some sectors of society are much better represented than others
-Built around policy concerns unrelated to members' vocational interests
-Some groups have unfair advantage

What types of people are most likely to be in interest groups


Know the differences and about them their importances primaries and Caucuses(Essay)

A caucus is where everyone has to show up at one time to vote Polls are not open all day Caucuses are specific to a party, and people speak for a candidate, they all vote at the same time. Primaries are voting days the polls open all day until the night i

Interest groups and their benefits to our political system (ESSAY)

Representation Participation Education Agenda Building Program Monitoring