Government Final Exam Study Questions

An independent country in which people share a common culture is called?

A nation-state

The right to exercise supreme power an d authority over a religion group or oneself


Which of these is the best example of a public good?

A library

Which of these is an essential feature of political activity?

It is purposeful

When people call someone Machiavellian, they usually mean that person is?

Cunning and amoral

Which of these individuals is most likely to exercise power without authority?

An armed robber

Which of the following is the oldest form of government still in use today?


A New England town meeting is an example of?

Direct democracy

Nazism is a form of fascism built on the idea of?

Racial superiority

Socialism began as an attempt to correct which disadvantage of capitalism?

Uneven distribution of weatlh

Which of these is a common feature of market economies?

Production of high-quality goods and services

In a command economy, who decides how much to produce?

Government Planners

Which of the following best defines the principle of popular sovereignty?

The ultimate source of government authority is the people

The idea of a representative government first developed in ancient?


Who is known as the father of the constitution and as he principle author of the Bill of Rights?

James Madison

Which of these historic documents first established the principle of the rule of law?

Magna Carta

Which complaint was the greatest barrier to ratifying the Constitution?

It did not include a Bill of Rights

Both quotations list what our nations founders believed to be?

Natural rights

Which of these terms refers to the principle that people accused of a crime must be granted certain legal rights?

Due process

The preamble of the constitution lists which of the following?

Purpose to be served by the Constitution

Why did the framers of the constitution create three separate branches of government?

To keep any one group from gaining too much power

The first words of the constitution indicate that power and authority in our system of government come from the?


Which of these is the defining characteristic of the federal system of government?

Power is divided between central and regional bodies

Over time, constitutional amendments have established which right to the groups below?
African Americans
Residents of the District of Columbia

Right to Vote in elections

Which of these plays the largest role in interpreting the Bill of Rights?

The supreme court

Which of these is a civil liberty protected by the bill of rights?

The right to religious freedom

Which of these unpopular forms of expression is protected by the first amendment?

Flag burning

The process of applying the bill of rights to the states through the Supreme Court decisions is called?


Which of these acts is protected under the First Amendment?

Criticizing elected leaders

The Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth amendments protect?

Rights in the legal system

Which of these are considered the building blocks of civil society?

Groups that people join voluntarily

Which part of the U.S. Constitution defines U.S. citizenship?

Fourteenth Amendment

An immigrant who wants to become a naturalized citizen must?

Pass a high school equivalency test

A society's framework of shared values, beliefs, and attitudes.

Political culture

Which of these areas are conservatives more likely than liberals to favor government intervention?

Moral issues

Someone from another country who lives in the United states illegally is called?

A resident alien

What is the primary goal of political parties?

To get their candidates elected

Which of these is the most common form of individual involvement with a political party?

Registering to vote as a member of the party

How do lobbyists help government officials to function more effectively?

By providing information on public issues

The national women's party (1919-1930) and the right to life party (1970-present) are examples of which type of third party?

single-issue party

The idea that political power should be distributed and shared among various groups in society is known as?


Which political party in the United States had the longest continuous existence?


The process by which people form their political attitudes and values is called?

Political Socialization

Which of the following is the best definition of public opinion?

The sum of many individual views

Which of the following is the most important reason why a scientific poll is more accurate than a straw poll?

The method of sampling employed

The founders of our country saw a free press as a safeguard against?

The abuse of power

To test the appeal of campaign messages, media consultants often use?

Focus groups

The release of confidential information to the news media by an unnamed source is known as which of the following?

A leak

The emphasis on elections in the United States most reflects which constitutional principle?

Popular Sovereignty

In which kind of primary election would a registered independent be unable to vote?


The most common way people become candidates for public office is through?


In which type of election is voter turnout likely to be the greatest?

Presidential election

Which of the following groups benefited most from the voting rights act of 1965?

African Americans

Televised debates and radio ads are examples of which of the following campaign approaches?

Wholesale politics

Which of these is the best definition of constituents?

Residents of an electoral district represented by an elected official

A conference committee is made up of members from both the?

House and state

Where do most members of congress begin their political careers?

In local politics

In saying "The power of the speaker of the House is the power of scheduling." Tip O'Neill was referring chiefly to the speakers power to do which of the following?

Decide which bills will be debated and when

What determines the number of seats in the Senate?

The number of seats depends of the number of states

Which of the following might apply to state lawmakers but not to members of the congress?

Term limits

What is meant by logrolling?

Trading votes

A high school junior who works as a messenger in the House of Senate is called a congressional?


What is the process used in the senate to end a filibuster called?


In their oath of office, lawmakers swear to support and defend?

The Constitution

Which of these is a key factor in choosing committee chairs?


What is a Christmas tree bill?

A bill that has attracted many unrelated riders

Who initiated the tradition of addressing the president as "Mr. President"?

George Washington

The position of a lieutenant governor in a state is comparable to that of which position in the federal government?

Vice President

The presidents speechwriters, administrative assistants, and press secretary all work as part of which group?

White house staff

Which of these is not a qualification for seeking the presidency?

College graduate

Which factor most influences whether a president might choose to use a pocket veto?

How close congress is to adjournment

What did Andrew Jackson do that led his critics to call him "King Andrew"?

He expanded the use of the presidential veto

Which of these processes allows voters in many states to remove an elected official from office?


What does the list below show?
Vice president
Speaker of the House

The line of presidential succession

Which of these is the largest source of federal revenue?

Individual income taxes

Why did the U.S. government initiate a policy of more frequent intervention during the Great Depression?

To stabilize the economy

What is the principal economic argument for deficit spending?

To increase overall demand

What is the largest category of federal discretionary spending?


Property taxes are the main source of revenue for many local governments. What is the main disadvantage to this type of tax?

It may not reflect people's ability to pay

A government with revenues of $52 million and expenditures of $49 million in the same year has which of the following?

A budget surplus

Which of these is an entitlement?

A low-income family's food stamps

On which date does the federal fiscal year begin?

October 1

Which of these does a prosecuting attorney represent?

The government and the people

What is an order by the Supreme Court directing a lower court to send it the records of a case called?

A writ of certiorari

What is the job of an appellate court when it takes a case on appeal?

To look for errors of law

How does someone become a judge in the federal court system?

By presidential appointment

Which of these established the present system of federal district and circuit courts?

Article III of the constitution

What is meant by the term burden of proof?

The obligation to consider a person innocent until proven quilty

Which of the following is most likely to write an amious curiae brief?

An interest group

Which term refers to the person who files a lawsuit in a civil case?