Exposure cheat sheet

Exposure deals with

The elements of light, quality and timing:
Arranging them and balancing them in a way that allows you to make the picture you want.
It's all about balance

Camera: ISO

Keep this number as low as you can

The higher the ISO number

The more sensitive to light the image is-The less light is needed- the more noise in the phot and lower the resolution

The lower the ISO number

The less sensitive to light the sensor will be- the more light is needed- the less noise in the photos and the higher the resolution

Camera: Shutter speed

Freezing motion needs higher shutter speed

The higher the shutter speed

the less time the curtain stays open- the less light available to the sensor- the more action is frozen

The lower the shutter speed

The more time the curtain remains open- the more light gets to the sensor- more motion is captured

Will produce blur

Shutter speed under 1/60

Freezes motion

Shutter speed over 1/250

Lens: Aperture

Low number, more light, less depth/ high number, less light, more depth

The lower the f/stop

The larger the opening in the lens (more incoming light)- the less depth of field- the blurrier the background

The higher the f/stop

The smaller the opening in the lens (less incoming light)- the greater the depth of field- the sharper the background