Essentials of DA 6th Ed Crown and Bridge

Step 1.

Apply topical with cotton tip applicator

Step 2

Dr. will numb the ptn with anesthetic

Step 3

DA will take preliminary impression

Step 4

Dr. will prepare the tooth, if too much core gets taken off Dr. will build a core wall (etch, primer, bond and build up material the cure) .

Step 6

DA despands Heavy body material on Triple Tray

Step 5

Dr/DA2 applies Gingival retraction cord around the tooth

Step 7

Dr. despands Light body material on prepared tooth

Step 8

DR. Remove Gingival cord or leaves it

Step 9

Dr.Takes final impression

Step 10

Rinse and dry ptn's mouth and remove any remaining gingival retraction cord

Step 11

Fabricate temporary crown and cement with temporary cement .

Step 12

Use shade guide to choose color of tooth .

Step 13

schedule appt for permanent cementation

Step 14

Dr. signs complete lab RX. Prepare the case for delivery to the lab.