Alligators and Crocodiles

How are crocodiles and alligators similiar

Both are cold-blooded, swift, and dangerous

Crocodiles jaws

teeth stick out when the jaw is closed

Alligoators jaws

don't allow you to see their teeth when their jaw is closed

How are crocodiles and alligators different

Jaws, size, snout, where they live, and skin

Where are alligators found

warm coastal areas in the United States and China

Where can you find a crocodile

swamps and rivers of warm regions of the Americas. Aslo parts of Africa, Asia, and Australia

How big are alligaors

12 feet or smaller

How big are crocodiles

can grow to 20 feet long

Describe a crocodiles snout

thin and pointed like a sharp pencil

What is different about the snout of an alligator

It is larnge and rounded like a worn crayon tip

How can one distinguish a crocodile from an alligator when looking at their skin

The skin of an alligator is hard and smooth while the crocidile has hard, tough skin

What does it mean to be cold-blooded

To survive, cold-blooded animals need to be in surroundings that are warm enough for them to live- their body temperature stays the same that the surrounding is.