Andy Anderson Direct Examination

Please state your name for the court record.

Andy Anderson

What is your occupation?

I own a stock investment firm

How much experience do you have in the financial industry?

20 years.

How would you characterize your role in this case?

I was approached by the McLaughlins, because they knew about my financial experience, to advise them financially.

What is your philosophy in terms of advising people financially?

I always start with the risks, not the rewards. My clients are always armed with all the information to make an informed decision with their investments. I follow this philosophy with every client.

What company did the McLaughlin's choose to invest in under your advice?

Odyssi Omni, they're a technology start up that we felt was very promising.

Based on your professional experience, what made you think Odyssi Omni was promising?

My firm had its eyes on the company from the start, and I was able to get my hands on an internal report from Stanley Morgan that said it'd be the opportunity of the year.

What was your relationship in Odyssey Omni?

I invested and I brought it to the attention of the McLaughlins, who also invested in it.

To the best of your recollection, What did you observe that the parents were doing with Macca's money?

Robby thought it would be irresponsible stewardship not to invest the money in Odyssey Omni. He and Lee were hyper aware of their fiduciary responsibilities. They expressed to me that they needed to invest her money, since, as it was, it was just sitting

In what ways did the McLaughlin's do their due diligence before making the decision to invest in Odyssey Omni. (How would you describe their decision to invest in Omni?)

By reaching out to an experienced investor such as myself, as well as considering all other options on the stock market, they made the informed decision to invest.

In the end, how did the investment work out?

Unfortunately, Macca lost her money tragically because, unbeknownst to us, the CEO and CFO of Odyssey Omni were nothing better than crooks. They'd lied from the beginning about their technology and how close they were to be able to launch it. They'd done

What attempts are being made to recover the money stolen from them?

There's a civil suit by the investors, but these suits rarely result in any substantial amount of money being recovered. They're trying everything they possibly can.

What would you have advised them to do differently to avoid such a tragedy?

Nothing, I advised them every step of the way. The only people at fault here are the crooks at Odyssi Omni. Macca McLaughlin is not a victim of her parents, but a victim of corporate greed.