Health Team Relations- Government and nonprofit agencies

World Health Organization(WHO)-government agency

1) An international agency sponsored by the United Nations
2) compiles statistics and information on disease, publishes health information, and investigates and addresses serious health problems throughout the world.
3) would work with providing vaccinati

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services(USDHHS)-government agency

1) A national agency that deals with the health problems in U.S.

National Institutes of Health(NIH)-government agency

1) A division of the USDHHS involved in research on disease.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC)-government agency

1) another division of the USDHHS concerned with causes, spread, and control of diseases in populations. (US epidemics)
2)establishes infection control guidelines for US

Food and Drug Administration(FDA)-government agency

1) A federal agency responsible for regulating food and drug products sold to the public
2) approves new cancer drugs for use with the general public

Agency for Health Care Policy and Research(AHCPR)-government agency

1) A federal agency established in 1990 to research the quality of healthcare delivery and identify the standards of treatment that should be provided by healthcare facilities.
2) would review nursing home neglect cases

Occupational Safety and Health Administration(OSHA)-government agency

1) establishes and enforces standards that protect workers from job related injuries and illness.
2) Would be concerned with reports of health care workers who contract hepatitis from their patients

Health departments -government agency

1) provide health services as directed by the USDHHS, also provide specific services needed by state or local community
2) state or local health departments(services) include immunization for disease control, health education, and communicable disease con

Voluntary or nonprofit agencies

supported by donations, membership fees, fund-raisers, and federal or state grants--> national, state, local levels:)
1) American Cancer Society
2) American Heart Association
3) American Respiratory Disease Association
4) American Diabetes Association