HE 250 Test 6

Monica was president of the local chapter of Future Business Leaders of America during her senior year. After Monica was diagnosed with an aggressive form of lymphoma, her classmates stopped talking about their career plans in front of her. Monica was exp

social death

Your 80-year-old aunt lives in an independent-living retirement center. She still has a very sharp memory. All of the following probably apply to her EXCEPT she

has never exercised and prefers to spend all of her time alone

The decline of the body's vital functions that results in death is


The cultural practice of waiting a year after the death of a spouse to begin dating is an example of


All of the following individuals would be at an increased risk for osteoporosis EXCEPT a(n)

obese man

Phillip was involved in a car crash and placed on a respirator. After his family had the respirator removed, he was nonresponsive, with no reflexes and a flat EEG. These vital signs indicate Phillip has experienced

brain dead

All of the following are strategies for healthy aging EXCEPT

developing a strong sense of social independence

Your grandfather is having blurred vision in his right eye due to clouding of the lens associated with aging. To improve his vision, he would need which type of surgery?


Which of the following statements is accurate about urinary incontinence?

incontinence can lead to other problems such as tissue irritation and infections

The study of death and dying is


Gases that accumulate in the atmosphere and contribute to global warming by trapping heat near Earth's surface are

greenhouse gases

A measure of how clean or polluted the air in a given region is on a particular day is the

air quality index

The human body does not excrete polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) but instead stores them in the

liver and fatty tissues

All of the following statements about particulates are true EXCEPT

they have few health effects

Nancy bought some toys for her children that were made in China. What dangerous chemical might have been used in their manufacture?


You are surveying your home for sources of lead because

lead can be extremely detrimental to children and fetuses

Marta collects kitchen scraps and yard clippings in a bin outside of her home to create this soil enhancement for her garden. She is


All of the following are examples of renewable resources EXCEPT


The country projected to have the largest population by 2050 is


All of the following are consequences of population growth EXCEPT

higher healthcare costs

The term for an environmental contaminant that causes potential harm to living organisms is


The average number of births a female in a given population has during her reproductive years is the

fertility rate

According to experts, what percentage of trash is recyclable?


The ozone layer is

in the stratosphere and protects the planet from UVB radiation

Oil, coal, and natural gas are examples of fossil fuels, which are carbon-based fuels.


The federal government established Superfund to provide money for water conservation efforts in certain communities.


The process of formaldehyde being released into the air is referred to as


An example of a point source water pollutant is

outflow from a sewage treatment plant

The average person in the United States generates how many pounds of municipal solid waste each day?

more than 4

Proponents of zero population growth believe that the earth's population would stabilize if the number of offspring allowed to each couple was


You should consult a physician treat a reaction to an insect bite

to treat a reaction to an insect bite

The federally funded health insurance program that covers 99 percent of the U.S. population age 65 and older is


Self-care can be used to

conduct monthly self exams

The majority of health care dollars in the United States are spent on

government administration

Requesting an x-ray when it is unnecessary but the patient demands it would be considered defensive medicine.


A patient is entitled to have access to all of his or her medical records.


Communication with health care providers can be improved by all of the following EXCEPT

relying on your health care provider for all information on health care issues

Your mom's doctor works at a hospital accredited by the Joint Commission. This type of accreditation indicates that

all practitioner education, licensing, and training qualifications have been verified

If an insurance policy covers 90 percent of your total medical bills, the remaining 10 percent that you must pay is your

coinsurance amount

Drugs that can be purchased without a prescription as part of self-care are

over the counter drugs

A set fee that an insurance plan requires that patients pay at the time of service (per office visit or prescription) is the


Most private health insurance plans require the patient to a pay a certain amount each year toward health care expenses before the plan benefits begin; this amount is the


The term defensive medicine refers to actions taken to

avoid malpractice claims

Self-care involves all of the following EXCEPT

avoiding medication and taking a "tough it out" approach to illness

Taking responsibility for your health care includes all of the following EXCEPT

using over the counter medications to treat a sudden, serious illness

Which scientific field studies interrelationships among behavioral, neural, endocrine, and immune processes?


More than one-third of Americans have used some form of CAM.


A Japanese massage technique based on applying pressure to specified points on the body to help with the flow of vital energy is


A woman has experienced multiple symptoms, including fatigue and depression, for which her doctor has not been of much help. She decides to participate in a native tribal ceremony that involves a shaman holding his hands just above her body. Within days o

therapeutic or healing touch

In traditional Chinese medicine, the vital energy force that courses through the body is