November 30th WWI Quiz Vocab


Major Central Powers � Triple Alliance

Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire

Major Allies � Triple Entente

Great Britain, France, Russia


many countries�officially not aligned with either the Central Powers or the Allies�Few of these neutral European countries were powerful. Others (like Italy) switched sides

Gavrilo Princip

The assassin of the archduke and his wife that triggered the declarations of war and a member of the Serbian "Black Hand

Espionage Act

You cannot interfere with the war effort. (Still an active law).

Sedition Act

You cannot insult the flag, the Constitution, the military by distributing anti-war materials. (No longer an active law).

Schenck vs. US

Schenck was passing out pamphlets urging Americans to resist the draft. He was arrested.


100 year anniversary



Kaiser Wilhelm

leader of germany


us soldiers nickname

Meuse-Argonne region


Black Jack Pershing

nickname of General John Pershing who commanded soldiers on the Western Front in 1918