4.01 Quizlet and Business Plan


Intermediaries who assist in the sale and/or promotion of goods and services but do not take title to them

Channels of Distribution

Paths, or routes, that goods or services take from the producer to the ultimate consumer or industrial user

Consumer Goods

products and services that satisfy human wants directly


Items purchased to satisfy needs and wants

Direct Distribution

A channel of distribution in which goods and services move directly from the producer to the consumer or industrial user

Indirect Distribution

distribution involving one or more intermediaries

Industrial Distributor

an independent business organization that takes title to industrial products and carries inventories

Industrial Goods

Tangible items that will be consumed by industrial users

Industrial User

A business that buys materials, services, or goods which will be used to make other goods or which will be used in the operation of the company


Channel members operating between the producer and the consumer or industrial user to help in the movement of goods and services


businesses which develop products for distribution from raw goods


a good, service, or idea consisting of a bundle of tangible and intangible attributes that satisfies consumers' needs and is received in exchange for money or something else of value


businesses that sell directly to final consumers


Actions or activities that one person/business performs for another

Ultimate Customers

the people who use the products and services purchased for a household


Intermediaries who help to move goods between producers and retailers by buying goods from producers and selling them to retailers