World Regions in Global Context: Chapters 1-3


US/ Canada border is known as

inclusionary boundary

West/East Germany border was known as

exclusionary boundary

Religion of Scandinavia is


Eastern Europe and Russia is dominated by the religion

Eastern Orthodox

Religion of India is


Religion of China and SE Asia is


Religion of Japan is


Religion of North Africa and the Middle East is


The religion of Latin America is


The religion of North America, Australia, New Zealand is


The religion of Western and most of northern Europe, except for places like Ireland, is


The religion of Southern Europe, along with looking at exceptions like Romania and Greece, is


Original single giant continent was


The 2 sub continents were

Laurasia and Gonwanaland

comes from the theory of plate tectonics. That continents have, are, and will continue to be moving on the earth's crust

Continental Drift

Where plates pull apart

divergent boundary

A collision of continental landmasses that produces a mountain range or when the oceanic crust collides with another plate and sinks down toward a deep-ocean trench

convergent boundary

When plates slide past each other

transform plate boundary

California and the Pacific Ocean boundaries are an example of

divergent boundary

Mid Atlantic Ridge is an example of

divergent boundary

Side to side plates are an example of

transform boundary

ITCZ stand for

Inter Tropical Convergence Zone

Wet, humid, always hot to very warm area near the equator

ITCZ (Inter Tropical Convergence Zone)

There are 24 hours of darkness on what date below the Antarctic Circle on the Winter Solstice

June 21

There are 24 hours of darkness on what date above the Arctic Circle on the Summer Solstice

December 21

The atmospheric circulation between 30-60 degrees N & S latitude is

Ferrell Cell

The atmospheric circulation between 30 degrees N and 30 degrees S is

Hadley Cell

The sun is directly overhead the Tropic of Cancer at 23.5 degrees N on

Summer Solstice

The sun is directly overhead the Tropic of Capricorn at 23.5 degrees S on

Winter Solstice

The 2 dates on which the entire world receives 12 hours of day and 12 hours of night (the Vernal Equinox and Autumnal Equinox)

March 21 and September 21

The Indian tectonic plate left Gonwanaland and collided with the Laurasia plate has uplifted what mountain range?

Himalayas Mountains

Surface wind direction between 30 degrees N and S

the Trade Winds

The surface wind direction north of the Tropic of Cancer at 30 60 degrees N and S

the Westerlies

The surface wind direction between 60-90 degrees N and S

the Polar Easterlies

Where are the world's deserts?

20-30 degrees latitude N & S

Where are the world's wet areas?

Outside ITCZ at 60 degrees N & S

Summer Solstice dates

June 21-22

Winter solstice dates

December 21-22

Artificially increased rainfall due to topographic that is on the windward side of a mountain range


The major influence on the world's ecosystems

patterns of climate

3 great rain forests of the world

Amazon, Congo, Indonesia

Canada is dominated by what climate where at least 1 month averages below freezing

microthermal climate

Climates that have no months that are below 32 degrees


Sweden, Norway, Finland vegetation is dominated by tundra, where it is too cold for tress to grow. Looks like grass, but but genetically unique. What is it?


the spatial dispersion of a previously homogeneous group of people


Last US state to have a high % of native Indian land is


Early European slash and burn culture was known as this. Make room for agricultural practices. Still done in the Amazon in Brazil.


Norway, Sweden and Finland are in this peninsula


Italy is in what peninsula


Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, and Macedonia are on what peninsula


Spain and Portugal are on what peninsula


deep, narrow, and elongated sea or lakedrain, with steep land on three sides (found in Norway, Alaska, British Columbia, New Zealand)


flows to the North Sea

Rhine River

Greenland is owned by


Iceland got its independence from Denmark in what year?


River that flows to the Black Sea

Danube River

Reclaimed land from the sea in the Netherlands are


this much of the Netherlands is below sea level


Sea between Sweden and Finland

Baltic Sea

Channel between Great Britain and the mainland of Europe

English Channel

Capital of Finland


Capital of Norway


Capital of Sweden


Capital of United Kingdom


Capital of Ireland


Capital of Germany


Capital of Denmark


Captial of Spain


Capital of Portugal


Capital of France


Capital of Poland


Capital of Switzerland


Capital of Ukraine


Capital of Hungary


Capital of Greece


Capital of Italy

Vatican City

In 1977, when Voyager I photographed Earth as a blue planet in a black universe is the concept of

existential reasoning

Circle of Latitude at 23.5 degrees South

Tropic of Capricorn

Circle of Latitude at 23.5 degrees North

Tropic of Cancer

0 degrees longitude focuses on the section of London called Greenwich. 0 degrees longitude is called what?

Prime Meridian

Circle of Latitude at 66.5 degrees North

Arctic Circle

Circle of Latitude at 66.5 degrees South

Antarctic Circle

Earth's axis is tilted at how many degrees? Reason for the location of the Earth's grid and seasons.

23.5 degrees

Maps that use shadings to represent geographic data are

choropleth maps

French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Romanian part of what language family?

Romance languages

Swedish, Norweigan, Danish, English are part of what language family

Germanic languages

Eastern Europe is dominated by what language?

Balto Slavic

Finland and Hungary are part of what language family?

Uralic language

Sea to the east of Italy

Adriatic Sea

Sea between Greece and Italy

Ionian Sea

Sea to the east of Greece

Aegean Sea

Sea to the east of Italy

Adriatic Sea

Sea between Netherlands, Norway, and Great Britain

North Sea

Sea south of Europe

Mediterranean Sea

Sea south of Sweden

Baltic Sea