REVEL Chapter Quiz 10

Income describes a flow of money, whereas wealth is a person's

net worth.

A person who is unemployed but owns a large amount of land has _____ wealth and _____ income.

much; little

The dominant members of society who tend to make the big decisions in regards to U.S. society are known as

the power elite.

What two classes exist in Marx's model of social class?

workers and capitalists

Theo attended the best private schools as a child, and now, in college, is earning a degree in business. Theo is most likely a member of which class?

Capitalist class

What two social classes are less distinct from each other than any other social classes?

Lower middle class and working class

The poor often have greater stresses than the wealthy, which can lead to

greater mental problems

Aaron is a member of the _____ class. His parents will have a great amount of influence on his choice of wife, because it will affect the entire family.


Individuals from lower status classes are more likely to be _____ than individuals from upper status classes.


Markus grew up in an upper middle class family, but dropped out of college and now works at a local fast-food restaurant. He experienced _____ mobility.

downward social

When large numbers of people move up or down the social ladder but the proportions of the population in each class do not change, it is called _____ mobility.


Which of the following statements accurately describes the trend in intergenerational mobility?

About the same percentage of individuals from lower class families are earning a larger income than their parents as individuals from higher class families are earning a lower income than their parents.

One reason the poverty line is not an accurate measurement of the poor in the United States is

the expense of child care is not taken into account.

Which of the following people is most likely to end up in poverty?

Meredith, a single working mother

What do sociologists believe is the reason that people are poor?

The poor lack the intelligence to get a well-paying job.