Intro to Mediated Communication Chapter 3

Age, sex, income, and ethnicity are examples of
psychographic indicators
VALS indivators
demographic indicators
character indicators
typecast indicators

demographic indicators

The CBS Television Network owns production divisions, distribution channels, and exhibition venues. This is an example of:
horizontal integration
latitudinal integration
vertical integration
longitudinal integration
diagonal Integration

vertical integration

Media industries tend to primarily regard people as:
critical thinkers.


In media financing, what does IPO stand for?
Initial public offering
Introductory proposal ordinance
Invested publishing option
Infused-production organization
Interest, publication, and operations

Initial public offering

A subgenre of news that concentrates on an individual's or an organization's point of view is
an educational column
informational distribution
an investigative report
soft news
an editorial

an editorial

Caleb, a manager in an R&D department, was tasked with exploring consumer interest in a set of new media products. In order to do so, he had his team of employees call a certain number of carefully chosen people and inidividually ask each of them the same

a survey

In preparation for the first week of school, Sheila purchased a hard copy version of the textbook (Media Today) for COMM 2813. When looking at the various ways that media industries make profits, Sheila's transaction would be an example of a(n):
Usage fee

Direct sale

While looking on Amazon for a new backpack for her 6-year-old son, Daria found one featuring an image of her son's favorite character from the show PAW Patrol.
In order to feature PAW Patrol characters on their products, the backpack company likely paid a

License fee

An ad with the tagline, "Old Spice: The Man Your Man Could Smell Like," is trying to create a "hip" feeling in order to get consumers to identify with the product. This type of ad, which is primarily meant to produce good feelings about a product, belongs

Soft-sell ads

During the __________________________ phase, media executives must consider the amount of area or time available for presenting products to consumers, a concept which is known as ____________________________.
distribution; margin for error
exhibition; max

exhibition; shelf space