If a student has difficulty maintaining focus, which of the following formal assessment accommodations would appropriate to include on an individual education plan?

splitting the examination into smaller segments

a contemporary issue in US public schools is the time educators spend on completing accountability documents rather than on instructions. the reform strategy aimed at resolving this issue is the

charter school movement

a colleague asks to borrow $20 from the field trip fund that a teacher collected. which of the following actions should the teacher do with regards to the field trip fund?

explain the district policy for handling of money to the teacher

inquiry teaching is an approach used to actively engage students, often in the content areas, so students are able to achieve higher, more critical levels of mastery. The most appropriate strategy to use with this approach is to

guide learners toward independent discovery

a teacher wants to be sure that recently enrolled students have the prerequisite knowledge and skills to be successful in class. which of the following will be best for the teacher to decide if the students are ready to begin the new course work?

analyzing student's scores on a departmental entrance exam

which of the following learning activities allows students to demonstrate their understanding of telling time, as well as their ability to measure time intervals in minutes?

determining the length of time it takes to get to school

as it relates to students performance and instructional ability , what is meant by the theory of self-fulfilling prophecy ?

students perform according to the teachers perception of the students abilities

which activity would best meet the goal of encouraging 5th graders creative thinking skills in social studies?

the students compose and recite or sing a ballad that depicts the life of Christopher Columbus

which of the following examples expresses how a behavioral theorist views learning?

learning involves the formation of associations between stimuli and responses

which of the following is a short term social skill objective for an individual student?

the student will talk out during a teacher led discussion for a 15 minute class period

the following is an instructional objective for a history lesson: students will be able to describe 3 hardships experienced by pioneers while traveling west during the 19th century gold rush. which of the following methods of assessment is most appropriat

student journal entry about hardships experienced , using a rubric to grade

as it relates to students performance and instructional ability what is meant by the theory of self fulfilling prophecy?

students perform according to the teachers perception of the students abilities.

Which activity would best meet the goal of encouraging fifth graders creative thinking skills in social studies

The students compose and recite or sing a ballad that depicts the life of Christopher Columbus

Which of the following examples expresses how behavioral theorist views learning?

Learning involves the formation of associations between stimuli and responses

Which of the following is a short term social skill objective for an individual student

The student will talk out during a teacher lead discussion for a 15 minute class period

The following is an instructional objective for a history lesson students will be able to describe three hardships experience by pioneers traveling west of the 19th century gold rush. which of the following methods of assessment is the most appropriate fo


A teacher is developing lesson plans in a class of diverse students. The students are in need of developmentally appropriate lessons that meet their individual needs. Which of the following would best assist with the creation of lesson plans

Transformative curriculum

When selecting a culturally responsive textbook, which of the following features should be considered?

Reading difficulty of passages

In order for students to achieve a higher level of mastery for certain topics across multiple subject areas which of the following would be the most appropriate for the teacher to implement?

Thematic unit

Which of the following activities is the best example of a primary teacher using culturally responsive materials

Writing a poem about Martin Luther King Jr. during Black History Month

Students who recognize that different people have different viewpoints are at which of Lawrence kohlberg of moral development

Individualism and exchange

A student with asthma has a 504 plan to accommodate limitation. Which of the following accommodations is most likely to be included in the 504 planned

Occasional rest periods

To have fourth grade students create typically demonstrate their understanding of independence of ocean life, a teacher should ask Students to

Write a play that illustrates the interrelationship

When arranging a classroom for the first day of school, an important consideration is

Traveling from student to student in the fewest possible steps

A middle school teacher has a classroom policy of no one may interfere with the learning of others. The teacher would like to help students understand what types of behavior violate the policy so they may meet the classroom expectations. Which of the foll

Brainstorm and examples and non-examples during a class discussion

A teacher uses a document projector to demonstrate the writing process to scaffold her steps. This activity can best be classified as which of the following?

Modeled writing

A teacher asks how was your shadow influenced by the sun? Grace response with an accurate detailed explanation. When the teacher says, that is an excellent analysis on the way the sun affects shadows, Grace your answers indicate do you understand the angl

Appropriate, the student knows what was done correctly and how to repeat the action.

Which of the following situations would be most appropriate when using simulation software in an academic setting

Reinforcing physics concepts

The assistive technology evaluation process generally 620 and apply solutions on a continuum. Which sequence is the best practice in determining a students level of technology needs?

No tech, low tech, high tech

A new student feels unfamiliar in the classroom. What can a teacher do for the students if you're safe in the classroom?

Set the student near the quietest part of the room or seat the student near other students who are equally unfamiliar in the classroom

A 10th grade Teacher is beginning a new theme on the revolutionary war and in American history class. The teacher begins the new theme with a number of read aloud about the revolutionary war. The main purpose of the read aloud is to

Share examples of good literature

When an English learner is assigned a reading selection that is culturally unfamiliar, a teacher can help a student by which of the following

Providing additional information

When using a KWL chart in a class, the teacher is initially

Activating prior knowledge

Which of the following is most likely to elicit an in-depth knowledge of new information

Group discussion

Which of the following activities would be most appropriate to help students understanding a community issue

Student survey one another about the issue

Which of the following classroom activities is the most effective and engaging students in real world problem solving

The teacher and the students discuss and debate issues that are affecting the local community

In a fifth grade literature unit Mrs. Shaw has asked her students to build data charts to compare and contrast parts and characterization in selected novels. She is developing a students ability

Analyze works of literature

High school students are studying the US democratic elections. Which assignment or best foster critical thinking about issues that would impact the next actual election?

Conducting a poll on residence concerns and predicting Election results based on the data analysis

In order to engage students in high order thinking, a teacher should focus primarily on which of the following?


A teacher has completed the units about human geography and expect students to demonstrate mastery of their critical thinking an application. Which of the following would be the most appropriate method to measure student mastery?

Student selected assignment using creative outlets

Teacher is preparing for a parent teacher conference and wants to share insights into the students attitude towards mathematics contacts. The teacher will rely on the information gleaned from a

Cognitive assessment

A teacher would like students to discuss their point of you on a reading passage of World War II. Which of the following strategies will be the best example for student interaction and learning?

Round table

To accurately predict student performance on an upcoming end of unit exam, the teacher should focus on students

Performance on the pretest for the unit

One strength of performance assessment is that they are


For students in the class of 22 scored 100% on the pretest for an upcoming lesson. What is the most appropriate course of action for the teacher to pursue?

Require the students to participate in the lesson as originally planned

In several classes, A student is calling out answers without raising her hand. After implementing an intervention and assessing students behavior over three class periods of mathematics instruction, Teacher determines that the students behavior is improvi

Continuing the intervention and told her are at least eight data points

A third grade teacher instructing students and strategies for taking standardized test with model and provide practice in

Identifying the question

Which of the following software tools would be most appropriate for a teacher to use for her fourth grade Florida history lesson?


A math teacher reviews student data using both state and local assessments to determine professional development for the next school year. Based upon the data given, which of the following would be the most appropriate area to focus?

Project-based learning

The school has monthly grade level data meeting scheduled which of the following types of data should have Teacher bring to the meeting

Progress reports

A teacher is interested in learning about instructional strategies that are based on recent research evidence. Which of the following resources for the teacher consult?

Peer review journal

For fourth grade educators to be aware of academic standards and behavioral expectations in the grade level above and the grade level below, which of the following communities of practice shut the educators

Vertical team planning

Teachers who wish to improve their knowledge and skills of incorporating technology and Twitter instruction to improve student achievement would most likely

Go to professional conference

A teacher was reprimanded for a move-in sticker featuring a presidential candidate the teacher post from a colleague's classroom door and also had stickers for other potential candidates. Which of the following explains why the teacher was reprimanded

The teacher support sample for students and should have removed all stickers

Which of the following is a student not required to provide as a condition of school enrollment?

Social Security number

The skills needed for an English language learner to be successful reach beyond basics in Acacian skills require the students to conceptualize, demonstrate critical thinking in master context. This term is referred to as

Cognitive academic language profiency

What is the most important criteria to be applied in the formulation of short range objective for a given subject area

The objective should describe terminal behaviors and the condition under which they are demonstrated

A student wants to include graphics and a presentation about an assigned topic the teacher wants to students to create the graphic and not copy and paste. Which of the following would be the best software for students to use for the presentation?

Draw paint program

A visually impaired student is unable to read print of any kind. The teacher has asked the class to write one paragraph summary of their last social studies chapter. Which piece of equipment should a student used to write the paragraph?

Braille typewriter

After a unit on the circulatory system, a middle school teacher wants to assess students knowledge of different cells and their functions. Which method would be most appropriate to measure comprehension while fostering creative thinking?

Students design a blood cell comic strip depicting blood cells they perform their functions with the body

Before implementing a cooperative learning activity the teacher instructs models and has the students practice the procedure for getting into the cooperative learning groups. This exemplifies a technique for;

Maintaining instructional momentum

A teacher gives her students and informational article to read on an arts and Italy. Then she asks the question, what is an example of Italy? What type of comprehension question is the teacher asking the students


According to Maslow's hierarchy of needs which need is at the highest level?

Self actualization

Which of the following is not a contributing factor to second language acquisition?

Performance on standardized tests

Which of the following statements from a teacher would be considered classroom management for use of negative reinforcement?

If you would start turning in your homework, I wouldn't have to call your mother every afternoon!

Which of the following would be an example of negative reinforcement?

The teacher stops complaining about the messy floor after students clean it up

When teaching idioms it is important to

Explicitly teach the implied meaning of the phrase