Chapter 28 quiz 28 AMA 150

Which of the following is a rapid drop in blood pressure that is a life threatening event?


Allergies can be effectively treated with what over the counter medications?


Which of the following is an excessive immune response that involves the IEg antibodies?


Which of the following activated T cells help protect the body from cancers?

Cytotoxic T cells

If lymph can not be pushed through the vessels

Edema develops

Which of the these become plasma cells in response to an antigen and make anti bodies against the specific antigen?


Lymph flows through the vessels by?

The squeezing action of the skeletal muscles

Which of the following types of immunity crosses the placenta and passes through the breast milk?

naturally acquired passive

In which way does an individual develops a naturally acquired active immunity

From exposure to organisms that cause a disease

Which of the following identify how far cancer cells have spread?


Which type of immunity requires injection with an antibody

artificially acquired passive

Cheri is 17 years old

Wear a mask while you are in the exam room

Non specific body defense in which neutrophils and monocytes can leave the blood stream to attack pathogens in other tissues


Which of these non specific body defenses utilizes enzymes in body fluids to destroy pathogens

Chemical barriers

Which type of immunity results from a vaccine

artificially acquired active

A ______ is any factor that causes the formation of cancer


Which type of activated T-cells prevent a person from having the same disease twice


Which of these major WBC involved in specific defenses

Macrophages and lymphocytes

Which of the following cells mainly target cancer cells

natural killer (NK) cells

Which of these is used to rescue a person experiencing anaphylaxis


Which of the following does not describe the spleen

It decreases in size as a person ages

Which type of immunity results from exposure to an antigen?

naturally acquired active

Which of the following does not describe the thymus?

It removes aged RBCs from circulation