HE 250 Test 2

The need for intimacy means the need for someone with whom we can share our feelings freely.


The inner lining of the uterus is the


Consuming alcohol is a way to stimulate sexual response.


How long is the average menstrual cycle?

28 days

A healthy marriage contributes to reducing stress by

increasing financial stability and expanding support networks

You are most likely to listen BEST when

you believe the speaker is saying something you can relate to

The duct system atop the testes where sperm reach maturity is the


Challenges to successful gay and lesbian relationships often stem from discrimination.


Sexual orientation is based on which of the following factors?

biological, psychological, and socio-environmental

Which of the following is TRUE about self-disclosure?

it involves sharing feelings and information as a means of getting to know a person

Serial monogamy means that partners have sexual involvement outside their primary relationship.


All of the following are considered variant sexual behaviors EXCEPT


Kissing and erotic touching are examples of

nonverbal sexual communication

Lisa and Abby are sisters and best friends. Both feel they can share their worries and concerns with one another. This example demonstrates

social intergration

The U.S. divorce rate has increased over the past several decades.


According to Sternberg's Triangular Theory of Love, love involves

intimacy, passion, and commitment

Anthony frequently experiences premature ejaculation. Which type of sexual dysfunction does he have?

orgasmic disorder

Julio wants to strengthen his relationship with LaVonne by sharing personal information with her. To get over his fear of disclosing his feelings, Julio can do all of the following EXCEPT

blame his parents for his imperfections

Which of the following BEST describes gender identity?

our personal sense of awareness of being masculine or feminine

Family consists of

a network of people that provides support, security, and a sense of belonging

Angel broke up with her boyfriend of two years. In order to cope with the failed relationship, she should

reach out to trusted friends and share her feelings with them

The term gay only refers to male homosexuals.


All of the following are true about celibacy EXCEPT

it is the same as abstinence

Greg and Kate always support each other's interests, hoping to ensure that the other will succeed. This BEST demonstrates that

they are advocates for each other

Both Ben and Betty see themselves as responsible for their own choices, decisions, and actions in their relationship, thus demonstrating their


Which menstrual problem involves the common symptoms of breast tenderness, fatigue, food cravings, irritability, and depression?

premenstrual syndrome

Which of the following is TRUE about androgyny?

a person has a combination of both traditional masculine and feminine traits

Lengthy cohabitation that is considered legally binding in some states is

common-law marriage

Abstention from any type of sexual activity with others is known as


All of the following are true about intimate relationships EXCEPT

they may lack emotional availability

Which of the following procedures performed during pregnancy can determine the size and position of the fetus and detect birth defects in the central nervous and digestive systems?


One advantage of the female condom is that it can be used multiple times.


Substances designed to kill sperm are known as


Which of the following is NOT true about the FemCap cervical cap?

it must be kept in place at least 10 hours after intercourse

Surgical abortions in the first trimester are typically done by

suction curettage

The abortion method known as "partial birth abortion" is illegal in the United States.


The fertilization of an ovum by a sperm is


Cesarean sections are performed for all of the following reasons EXCEPT

if the mother has diabetes

The sponge is inconvenient because it requires a trip to the doctor for fitting.


Which of the following lubricants is safe to use with a condom?

water-based lubricant

The various methods used to prevent pregnancy are known as


The first widely used birth control method for women was

the diaphragm

The network of blood vessels that provides nourishment to the fetus is the


A primary advantage of the contraceptive sponge is that

it does not require a fitting from a doctor

Oral contraceptive pills are

more than 99 percent effective at preventing pregnancy if used correctly.

Which form of birth control is injected every three months to remain effective?


Which of the following statements is TRUE about NuvaRing?

it exposes the user to a lower dose of estrogen than the combination pill

During her pregnancy, Emily should avoid all of the following EXCEPT


Which of the following is TRUE about the third trimester of pregnancy?

the fetus must get large amounts of calcium, iron, and nitrogen from the food the mother consumes

Outercourse is 100 percent effective against STIs.