Color fusion


Cool fashion, natural balance, natural fashion, and fashion

Color fusion families

Conditioning and shine

What are the results of the hair after using color fusion?

Color bond technology -
High tenacity dyes = lock the color
Ceramide = repairs the surface
Cationic conditioners = perfect the shine
Coconut oil = protects vibrancy

Color fusion technology

Revitalage colorbond technology
High coverage dyes = naturally reflect 100% coverage
Cationic conditioning polymers and rice protein = superior conditioning
Argan oil antioxidant = optimal defense

Cover fusion technology

amplifier and highlighter
10-40vol pro-oxide/ 30-45 minutes
On or off scalp
10-40vol pro-oxide / 35-45 minutes
Off scalp only

Hi fusion

mix 1:2 / 35-45 minutes
Up to 5 levels of lift
Usage - extra lift for all levels

Color fusion extra lift

100% oxidative dyes
Low ammonia
For superior, naturally reflective coverage on hair that's over 50% gray
Pre-blended shades, no mixing required
Breakthrough low- ammonia formula for high client and stylist comfort issues such as loss of shine
Helps to add

Cover fusion

Hair that's over 50% grey

How grey should hair be to use cover fusion for 100% coverage?


Mix ratio for color fusion, cover fusion and hi fusion


Mix ratio for extra lift

10,20,30,40 pro oxide

Developer volumes used for color fusion

20 vol only pro oxide

Volume developer used with cover fusion

10,20,30,40 vol pro oxide

Volumes used for hi fusion highlighter and amplifier

20,30,40 vol pro oxide
(Violet, light neutral, and blue - 40vol
Titanium - 30 or 40vol
Medium neutral and green - 20 or 30 vol)

What volumes are used for color fusion extra lift

10 vol- up to 1
20 vol- up to 2
30 vol- up to 3
40 vol- 3+

Color fusion levels of lift

20 vol- up to 2

Cover fusion levels of lift

All volumes varies according to formulation

Hi fusion highlighter and amplifier levels of lift

Up to 5

Color fusion extra lift levels of lift

35-45 minutes.
(Cover fusion- up to 45 minutes for resistant hair)

Processing time for all color fusion lines

Boost intensity or create vibrant toned highlights

Hi fusion is a tonal amplifier and highlighter used to


Hi fusion can be used alone with a pro oxide


Hi fusion must be mixed with another color


What kind of dyes are the color fusion line

Repairs hairs surface

What does the presence of ceramide in color fusion do

Argan oil

What kind of oils are in color fusion color

20,30,40 vol

What developers can be used with color fusion extra lift

N or Gb

When mixing for grey coverage with color fusion what colors should you formulate with

Violet: 7-10
Light neutral: 6-10
Blue: 5-7
Titanium: 3-5
Medium neutral: 1-5
Green: 1-3

What are the extra lift levels for?


When mixing with hi fusion it is not recommended to use more than _________ oz of hi fusion in a 2oz mixture?

It will compromise the color making it too light

What will happen if you mix more than the recommended ratio of hi fusion to color fusion to your formula?


Hi fusion can be as an all over color application


Hi fusion can be used to highlight hair and give tone

B (blue)
V (violet)
O (orange)
R (red)
Ch (titanium)

Name the hi fusion colors

EL-V (violet)
EL-LN (light neutral)
EL-B (blue)
EL-T (titanium)
EL-MN (medium neutral)
EL-G (green)

Name the extra lift colors

Color bond technology

What technology is associated with cover fusion lines?

Natural balance, natural fashion, cool fashion and fashion

What are the color families in color fusion?

No background

What background color does the extra lift line have?

Black to grey

What background color does color fusion cool fashion have?

No background

What background color does color fusion fashion colors have? No background

Black to grey

What background color does color fusion natural balance Ag, Ab, Av have?

Brown to tan

What background color does color fusion natural fashion have? Including natural balance colors N and Gb