How do agricultural practices affect aquatic life?

-pollution goes into water systems and ground water
-chemicals absorbed by aquatic life
-chemicals deplete oxygen and can kill aquatic life

what are factors that affect food production?


what are some human factors that affect food production?

-climate change
-population density
-domestication of foods
-agricultural practices
-# of people involved in food production

what is food scarcity?

-food shortage
-more deaths are attributable to hunger and malnutrition than to HIV/AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis
-caused by economic, environmental and social factors

what are main causes of food scarcity?

-crop failure
-poor government policies

what is being done about food scarcity around the world?

-reduction of food waste
-modern food technology
-food and nutrition education
-more drought-resistance seeds and root crops
-government assistance for low-income individuals

what is food security?

having reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable and healthy food

examples of Canada's contribution to food security

-support UN World Food Programs
-food assistance programming
-work with organization and natural governments to increase nutrition programming
-help develop food crisis alert and prevention systems

what is a GMO?

an organism that has had its DNA altered through genetic engineering

pros and cons to GMO

Pros: more variety, meet dietary needs, external factors are easier to manage, don't need to use pesticides, more resistant to disease, plants work for more than one purpose, more income for farmers, marketing, helps in case of famine, makes food bigger

why did people start to genetically alter/modify foods?

-picking organisms with desirable traits and mating them together and over again to mold species to meet their dietary needs
Corn: started out as a tropical grass which had small inedible kernels, but farmers transformed the grass into the corn we have to

what country produces the most food?


what are India's top foods for production?

-sugar cane

what are some sustainable farming practices?

-crop rotation
-water harvesting

what are different implications that can happen when ore developed countries extract resources from less developed countries?


examples of poor and rich countries


what are some factors that make a country rich or poor?

-clan-based thinking
-transportation, health, education, police
-landlocked countries
-tropical climate

natural resources change overtime due to what?


3 different types of canadian natural resources and where they are located

Oil- BC, AB, SK, Northwest Territories, Newfoundland and Labrador, PEI
Animals- everywhere
Wheat- SK and MB

what are the two types of land claims for aboriginal peoples?

Specific- based on the government failing to gives rights under treaties, other agreements and/or the Indian Act
Comprehensive- based on Aboriginal peoples' traditional use and occupancy of the land

what is sustainability?

being able to maintain at a certain rate

how does our personal use of natural resources affect people in other parts of the world?


what are natural resources

materials or substances that occur in nature and can be used for economic gain

define rural places

-not cities or towns
-often agriculture

define remote places

a place located away from populated areas

What is Canada's most populated city and how many people live there?

Toronto, 6.1 million people

what are 4 characteristics of urban cities?

-land use

what is a function?

what the places do or the reason the city is located there

what is a site?

-large population
-large area covered
-variety in careers and jobs
-markets, retail business, malls
-residential houses and apartments

what is land use?

-in urban areas defined as no agriculture/farming
-open space
-sport facilities
-local transport

what is situation?

the location of the settlement and what is around it

what types of things are included in a city's infrastructure?


what are some urban social issues?

Public safety
Drug abuse

what are environmental issues in urban places?

Natural Disasters
Loss of Farmland

what are some cities that are considered powerful and wealthy?

New York

how do some cities become powerful and wealthy?

Industrial Cities

what is the most populated city in North America?

Mexico City

what is the most populated city in the world?


what are some current global environmental concerns?

-oils spills
-garbage islands

what are some aspects of physical geography?

-climatology + meteorology

what are actions we can take towards preserving the environment?

-create a garden
-turn off lights

what is a natural disaster?

a natural even such as a flood, earthquake, or hurricane that causes great damage or loss of life

what are some canadian biomes?

-temperate deciduous forest
-grassland forest

what are primary sources?

an original source or information abut the topic being studied

what is region?

an area of a certain part of a place or country

wht 2 levels of government are environmental regulations made at?

provincial and federal

what is place attachment

emotional bond between person and place

what is a mental map?

a first person perspective of and how they interact with it. An example would be you thinking of your neighbourhood

what are some careers and jobs related to geography?


what is physical and human geography?

physical: the things God created
human: the things we created

what is geography?

the study of earth and its physical features

what are the 4 types of industry?


what is GDP?

the total value of goods produced and services provided in a country per year

at is GNP?

a broad measure of a nations total economic activity?

what is free trade?

a trade policy that does not restrict imports and exports

what factors determine the location of industry?

-raw material
-labour supply
-government policies

pros and cons to globalization

Pros- easier to access imported goods, better selection and different offers, creates jobs in industries, more stable economy, fruits/veggies that can't be produced here, get items for cheaper if made in other countries, farmers can thrive
Cons- long wait

consumer choices can have what type of implications?