SS Chapter 5, Section 2 (Puritan religious life, homes, school)

Name 3 things about religious life in New England.

1. All decisions were consulted with Biblical law.
2. Religion dictated work, free time, and how to live.
3. Sundays - everyone goes to church

Name 8 things about Sundays for Puritans.

1. everyone goes to church, 2. no icons,
3. believed in simple religion, 4. read the Bible,
5. church service lasted most of the day,
6. break for noon meal,
7. no napping,
8. sit on hard wooden benches,

How did the Puritans punish those who spoke against the church?

put in stocks - public humiliation

What could Puritans do and not do with their free time?

waste of time - no card games or theater
free time - fishing and quilt making

In Puritan homes, where was the cooking done and who did it?


Besides cooking, what were other chores that Puritan women did?

making clothes, soap, and candles

What chores did the Puritan men and boys do?

fieldwork & hunting

In the beginning, where did Puritan children learn?

They were first taught at home.

When did Massachusetts pass a law stating that towns with 50+ families must have a school?


What was a typical Puritan school like?

1 classroom and 1 teacher

What was the main subject in the Puritan school and why?

reading (to read the Bible)

When and why did the Puritans found Harvard College?

1636 - to train ministers