Sports/Misc 276-300


Fokker Aircraft operated a plant in this community

Glen Dale

This Wood county business was established by a Swiss-trained chocolatier in 1986.

Holl's Chocolates

Fiestaware is manufactured by this company, located in Newell

Homer Laughlin China Company

Peter Tarr developed this industry:


At the time of the MIC pesticide leak at a Union Carbide facility in Bhopal, India, this West Virginia county had the only Carbide facility in the world that produced MIC.

Kanawha County

This toy manufacturer once had a plant in Glen Dale

Louis Marx and Company

On July 12, 1749, the Executive Council of Virginia gave this company permission to "take up and survey" 800,000 acres of land in western Virginia.

Loyal Company

3 land companies organised to promote settlement west of the Allegheny Mountains are the:

Loyal, Greenbrier, and Ohio land companies

Most hardwood lumber produced in WV is shipped out of state for use in:

Making Furniture

For four decades, Akro Agate Company of Clarksburg manufactured these items used in Chinese Checkers.


Norwalk Motor Company operated in this WV town from 1912 to 1922?


Glass manufacturer Michael J. Owens was born in this county in 1859


This lumber company in Rainelle was the largest hardwood producing lumber company in WV.

Meadow River Lumber Company

Blenko Glass Company is located in this Cabell county community.


What is the only potato chip producer in Parkersburg, WV?

Mister Bee

Prior to changing its name to Schlumbach Brewing Company in 1882, this Wheeling brewery carried this name that included the city's nickname.

Nail City Brewing Company

The Homer Laughlin China Company is located in this Hancock county community


This Kanawha county community was founded on January 2, 1918 to home an explosive plant


Marble King, Incorporated, which manufactured more than one million marbles each day, is located in this West Virginia community

Paden City

What town had been home to the Paul Wissmach Glass Company, the Duquesne Bottle Factory, and Marble King?

Paden City

The textile manufacturing company, which had plants in Martinsburg, Ranson, and Keyser, was founded in 1905 by John Poland, Sr.

Perfection Garment Company

The largest hardwood producing mill in the world, operated by the Meadow River Lumber Company, was located in this Greenbrier county community


Henry Gassaway Davis helped develop this industry.


The Cherry River Boom and Lumber Company was located in this community.


The Dodge Clothespin Factory, the largest clothespin factory in the world, was located in this community?