Exam 1

District parole offices are required to be open Monday through Friday 8 AM to 5 PM and each parole officer is required to account for 40 hours a week. True or False?


The TDCJ work week begins Thursday at 12 AM and ends on Wednesday at 11:59 PM. True or false?


To work overtime hours beyond regular scheduled work hours you must first request permission from the supervisor via...


In which section of the case summary is a clients prior suicide attempt to be found?

Health information

The release of an eligible inmate sentence to the correctional institution of division so that the inmate may serve the remainder of the inmates sentence not on parole but under the supervision of the parole division is the definition of which type of rel

Mandatory supervision

As per government code 508 which of the following is a duty of the parole board?

The board can determine which clients may be released from supervision and reporting

Code 508.031 states the board consists of seven members and appointed by the governor with the advice and consent of the Senate but section 508.045 states the board commissioners me act in panels the panel is made up of how many members?


The document requiring a witness or records that panel considers for investigations a case is called...


According to government code 508.048 see who can serve a subpoena?

Peace officer, parole officer, community supervision and corrections department

Government code 508.112 states the parole division is responsible for the investigation and supervision on all releases. True or false?


Discretionary conditions on parole and mandatory supervision or conditions that the pro panel me impose under article for 2.1 to code of criminal procedure identify the discretionary condition.

Substance abuse

During an in office arrest who is responsible for notifying law-enforcement?

Unit supervisor

Which section of the case summary contains information about a clients gang affiliation?

Institutional adjustment

The TDCJ core values include commitments. perseverance, integrity and _______?


Policy prohibits an employee from?

Wearing political buttons while on state property

According to data gift of fear most assault are not random. 80% of homicide occur by someone known by the victim.

Both A & B

Which section on OIMS Do you determine information about a client may be released to the public?

Public information screen

Per the TDCJ rules and violations as listed in PD33 insubordination on the first violation results in one action?


Attempting to escape through drug use or suicide as what stage of domestic violence?

Stage III

Which of the following is a responsibility of the parole officer winning encountered with a client who is currently under BIPP?

Interact with treatment provider so that you can respond to the information provided quickly

Victimization can result in ______?

Both a and B

Which of the following items would be considered public information?

Clients current address

Which of the following items as a sign of an assailant?

Matching your walking speed

Texas government code 660.147 states that each agency in order to save taxpayer money because training at the pearl office training academy involves hands on exercise a form signed by the executive director of TDCJ must be included with the travel voucher

Interactive television and video form

A parole officer is assigned to attend a training program in Austin that is scheduled for one week And the officer Deportes headquarters at 8 AM on Monday to the training site. What is the amount per damn that the parole officer can claim on Monday of the

$48 ($19 lunch and $29 dinner)

When is a parole officer allowed to claim the personal car mileage at a rate of 0.575 cents per mile for business related reasons associated with their job as a parole officer?

When a parole officer uses their personal vehicle for state visits because the state car isn't available.

What information is needed to complete a PSV Dash one for record of transportation and duties performed to record the parole officer daily travel in their personal vehicle for home visits, jail visits, Etc.

Client name on TDCJ number

Who has oversight responsibilities for the implementation of all programming and operations in all district parole officers within each region?

Regional director

Which of the following statements is true regarding partial Perdiem travel vouchers

Partial Perdiem travel vouchers and all receipts for meals must be given to the supervisor to validate the accuracy of the amount cleaned

Who is responsible for conducting a pre-release placement investigation with the head of household/sponsor?

District parole officer

If the client is exhibiting signs of intoxication or drug use the parole officer should?

Terminate interview

According to the PD policy 2.11 the pre-release placement investigation process the investigating district parole officer has how many days to complete the investigation assigned?

5 business days

The parole officer does not have to complete the pre-release placement investigation if a client does not have a job. True or false?


Who is required to review all failed pre-parole release investigations?

Parole supervisor

What happened at 115 BPM during survival stress symptoms?

Fine motor skills deteriorate

Which of the following is a responsibility of the batterer or in batterer or intervention prevention program?

identifying non-violent abusive behaviors and practice them

__________ or repeated harassing or threatening behavior in an individual following to a persons house or business, phone calls, written messages, vandalizing property.


Number of miles traveled me not exceed ________ The most cost effective route and final destination.

Most economical route

Which of the following is not a tool that will help you?

Lotus notes

Which personality type is unlikely to be a target?


Men who batter

Hold rigid traditional views of sexual's of parenting

According to the power and control wheel which of the following is a tactic used by batterer

Economic abuse

There is a typical batter. True or false?


Identify which of the following is a function of O365


0365 is designed to send and receive messages from OIM. True or false?


April officer 0365 calendar will populate entries into parole officer OIMS. True or false?


Can you email for business such as police officer@ cityofaustin.gov? True or false?


Consideration of safety during home visits the parole officer should?

Use back up call

What is the new computer system for case management?

Offender information management system

Which of the following must be typed in main frame on a blank screen prior to hitting the entry key to access the logon screen?