Constitution test


Freedom of employment is or is not a first amendment freedom

Is not

The president has what power


The least number of Representatives that a state may have is what


Each state has ____ senators.

2 senators

After a bill has gone through both houses of Congress successfully, it is sent to ____


When does the President take office?

January 20th

What is the age minimum for the president?

35 years old

What are the three branches of government?

Legislative, Executive, Judicial

A presidents term is what

4 years

What do the stripes on the flag mean?

13 colonies

What do the stars on the flag mean?

50 states

What is federalism?

A sharing of power between states and national governments

The u.s. constitution is ...

The basis for all our laws

Who is the current Speaker of the House?

Nancy Pelosi

Who is the current Vice President

Mike Pence

What is the Virginia plan and who submitted it

James Madison, proposed two houses of congress based upon population

How many total electoral votes are there?


What is the responsibility of the judicial branch

interpret laws

The House of Representatives start ...

Impeachment proceedings

U.S. representatives and U.S. senators receive what salary


What are unalienable rights?

life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness

Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?

Thomas Jefferson

Who presents the national budget?


The what vote elects the president

electoral college

What is the elastic clause?

It allows Congress to Stretch its powers as needed.

The congress has power to ...

Raise, borrow, and coin money

What is the preamble?

Introduction to the Constitution

Who becomes president if the president dies?

Vice President

2nd amendment gives what

People the right to bear arms

7th amendment guarantees what

People the right to trial by jury

13th amendment

abolished slavery

15th amendment

States cannot deny any person the right to vote because of race.

22nd Amendment

Limits the president to two terms.

Who makes the country's laws

Legislative branch

Who can declare laws unconstitutional?

Judicial Branch

Secretary of State -

Engages in affairs with foreign country's

Secretary of Homeland Security -

helps prevent terrorist attacks

Secretary of Agriculture -

promotes legislation to help farmers

Attorney general -

Chief legal officer

Secretary of Treasury -

responsible for printing money

Secretary of labor -

Worker safety

Secretary of the Interior -

Manages the natural resources of our country

Popular vote is defined as

The vote of the people

What happens if the president does not act on the bill in ten days

It becomes a law

What is an ex post facto law?

An ex post facto law is a law that punishes someone for an act that was committed before it was illegal.

Who opposed the ratification of the Constitution?


Who said "Give me liberty or give me death"?

Patrick Henry

What established judicial review?

Marbury vs. Madison

Great Compromise

Solved the problem of representation

How many cabinet departments are there?


How many justices are on the Supreme Court?


What are the Bill of Rights?

First 10 amendments

Did the original constitution outlaw slavery?


What is the capital of the United States?

Washington D.C.

When was the Declaration of Independence adopted?

July 4, 1776

What is popular sovereignty?

the idea that political authority belongs to the people

Who can call a special session of Congress?

President of the United States

Who was the president of the constitutional convention

George Washington

Why did the Boston Tea Party happen?

Tax dispute

When is the next presidential election?


States can or cannot make treaties with foreign country's


The American flag should always be in the ...

Front of the parade

Who is the head of the executive branch?


Who appoints Supreme Court justices?


How many times may a senator be re-elected


How many amendments does the Constitution have?


Who is considered the Father of the Constitution?

James Madison

To become president you must be ...

35 years old, natural born citizen

1/3 of the senate is elected every ...

2 years

House of Representatives

Revenue bills must start here, has 435 members, elected every two years


Has 100 members, Vice President is presiding officer, serves six year terms, approves or rejects treaties