Introduction to contracts


simply an enforceable agreement between two or more parties to do some or to refrain from doing something

valid contract

meets all of the requirements for a contract and is enforceable by the courts

void contract

no legal effect. neither party is obligated to perform under the contract, and neither party can sue to enforce the contract

voidable contract

at least one party has the option to void. if the contract is voided, both parties are released from their obligations. if not both must perform

express contract

one which is stated writing or verbally

implied-in-fact contract

implied from the conduct of the parties

implied-in-law contract

implied to prevent unjust enrichment, even though there was no actual contract between the parties


a voluntary exchange of promises to do something or to refrain from doing something


the party who makes an offer to enter into a contract


the party to whom the offer is made


something of legal value given in exchange for a promise