E.S Ch 13

How much of the earth is covered by water ?


What word describes water is safe to drink ?

potable water

What does geoid mean ?

What calculates the earth's average surface elevation

Describe a barrier reef.

Coral reef separated from the mainland by a lagoon.

What process would we go through to make saltwater potable ?


The " beach " extends the farthest out into the ocean.


Is oxygen or hydrogen more important for marine life in their food ?

Neither ! Carbon is !

________ is a strip of land that separates the coastal region from the ocean.


The beach face is the area where only the highest tides or storm waves can reach.


The zone between the high and low tide shorelines is the _______.

beach face

What is the longshore sandbar ?

The shallow bottom of the beach beyond the low water shoreline

What are the submerged edges of the continental plates ?

continental shelf

______ is the deep, flat sea floor.

abyssal plain

What are the submerged mountain ranges called ?

mid-ocean ridges

What are seamounts and guyots ?

Seamounts are submerged volcanoes and hills.
guyots are flat top hills.

Where would we find seawater that is brackish ?

mouths of rivers

Temperatures lower as you go deeper into the ocean.


What zone would plants and animals live in ?

interidal zone

What zone do marine organisms live that is between low tide mark at the shore and the edge of the continental shelf?

littoral / neritic zone

What is the photic zone ?

It extends down to 100-200 m into the open ocean. Only pelagic organisms live here.

What zone extends to the ocean floor ?

abyssal zone

What zone extends down to about 3,000-4,000 m, the animals that live here are in the dark and create their own light ?

aphotic zone

Does sound travel faster in water or air ?


What are some components of oceanography ?

marine biology, marine engineering and marine chemistry ect.

How many basins does the earth have ?


What are basins ?

The oceans

Does seawater have a lower freezing point then regular water ?

Yes !

What is the mean sea level ?

it is the average of high and low tide levels

________ sea level varies with the tide and differs from place to place.


What are the two cycles that make sure everything is available to keep life going.