Chapter 1


Why have personality psychologists not combined all paradigms into "one big theory"?

A theory that tries to explain everything would probably not provide the best explanation for any one thing & The different basic approaches to psychology address different sets of questions.

Personality psychology's biggest advantage over other areas of psychology is that:

The psychology of whole persons and real-life concerns is taken into account.

A psychologist who is concerned primarily with how a person's genes, physiology, and brain anatomy are related to their personality follows the ___________ approach.


When patterns of behavior are extreme, unusual, and problematic, personality psychology overlaps with:

Clinical psychology

How people feel, think, and behave are parts of:

The psychological triad

A psychologist who is concerned primarily with a person's conscious experiences follows the ___________ approach.


Personality psychology primarily looks to:

Explain whole persons

Which of the following answers is an example of a basic approach, or paradigm, of personality psychology?

The psychoanalytic approach

How do clinical psychology and personality psychology overlap?

Clinical and personality psychology share a common responsibility to understand every feature of an individual, not just single aspects about them.

To which other branch of psychology does personality psychology most closely align?

Clinical Psychology

The three parts of the psychological triad:

Are not always consistent at all times

n defining personality, we could say that an individual's personality is best described as:

Their characteristic patterns of thought, emotion, and behavior together with the psychological mechanisms�hidden or not�behind those patterns

The trait approach to personality psychology best describes what situation?

A psychologist focusing on ways that people differ from one another in behavior and disposition, and how these differences might be measured

A personality psychologist that is concerned primarily with people's unconscious mind and internal conflict follows what approach?

Psychoanalytic approach

Behaviorism, social learning theory, and cognitive personality psychology comprise which of the following approaches to psychology?

Learning and cognitive approach

Personality psychology emphasizes individual differences. How does this focus serve as one of the discipline's strengths?

It leads personality psychologists to be extremely sensitive to the fact that people really are different from each other.

Is stubbornness a good personality trait to have?

Yes and No; it can be a strength in some situations and a weakness in others.