Exam 2 Study Guide pt 2

Piping drawing

Drawing showing the size and location of piping, fittings, and flexible hose.


Threaded, Bolted Flange, Silver-brazed, all are fittings used to connect pipes.


________ are used in special applications where you want to ensure that components joined by the fasteners will not loosen.

stop valve

A device installed in a water supply line, usually near a fixture, that permits an individual to shut off the water supply to one fixture without interrupting service to the rest of the system.

Check Valve

A valve that allows flow in one direction but prevents flow in the opposite direction.

Steel Piping

Piping that's inexpensive, high tensile strength, bending and flanging, adaptable to high pressures and temps

Copper and Brass Piping

Piping with high resistance to corrosion, easily drawn (or bent), bad for high temps, stress, or vibration.

Aluminum Piping

Piping with high resistance to corrosion, easily drawn (or bent), good with high temps and pressures if bonded with alloys.

Stainless Steel Piping

Piping that's high tensile strength, adaptable to high pressures and temps, but expensive

Flange Safety Shield

A cover put around a piping flange that supplies flammable liquids to reduce the possibility of a fire.

Pipe Hangers

Supports that help carry the weight of and secure a piping system, similar to staples for electrical wire.

Packing and gaskets

Materials required to seal joints in steam, water, gas, air, oil, and other pipelines.

Lock Washer

A washer specially constructed to prevent a nut from shaking loose.


reducing or regulating flow below the maximum output of a valve

Butterfly Valve

Control valve that uses a flat circular plate in a pipe that rotates 90 degrees across the cross section of the pipe to control the flow of water.

Ball Valve

Valve having a ball-shaped internal component with a hole through its center that permits water to flow through when aligned with the waterway.

needle valve

a type of globe valve that has a needle-shaped element that fits snugly into the seat.

relief valve

Automatic spring loaded valve used on system lines and equipment to prevent over-pressurization.

Tubing dimensions

outside diameter (OD), inside diameter (ID), and wall thickness.

Globe Valve

The most common valve

threaded joints

Simplest type of joinery used for galvanized iron, steel, and plastic pipes

bolted flange joints

Joints used for all types of pressures.

Welded Joints

Joints used for high pressure piping.

Silver brazed joints

Used for piping that are not steel or iron, which is called nonferrous piping. Temps cannot exceed 425 F, and cold lines cannot exceed 3000psi.

Flared Fittings

Fittings that provide good connection without threading, welding, or soldering the tube.

Flareless fittings

Fittings installed to conserve space and reduce weight, can stand 3000 psi and 250 F.

Gate Valve

Control valve with a solid plate operated by a handle and screw mechanism. Rotating the handle moves the plate into or out of the waterway.

Pressure reducing valve

A spring loaded valve which maintains uniform pressure on its outlet side regardless of its pressure fluctuations on the inlet side above the pressure level

pump function

Transform energy from an external source (turbine, electric motor, etc.) into mechanical energy

Pascal's Principle

Pressure is transmitted equally and undiminished in all directions within a contained system

Pump Head

the vertical distance between two liquid levels

Total Pump head

is the sum of the static suction lift, static discharge head, and friction head


device used to force water in a desired direction under pressure


opening where fluid enters the center of a spinning impeller


Formation of a cavity or hole due to vapor bubbles in a pump

Centrifugal pump

A non-positive displacement pump that moves a varying amount of fluid with each rotation using an impeller blade.

Discharge head

Vertical distance from a pump's centerline to the liquid level on the discharge side

static suction pressure

When a pump is below the suction liquid level

static suction lift

When a pump is above the suction liquid level


pipe joint for low pressure


pipe joint for high pressure


the process of joining metal pipe with a filler rod that melts at a temperature below the metal being joined, silver brazed is common for non ferrous piping when temps below 425 F


A compressible material placed between two surfaces of a piping system to prevent leakage.

clamp support

support used for generally smaller pipes

roller support

support used for large pipes that would swings on hangers under pressure

spring/clevis support

recommended for the suspension of non-insulated, stationary pipe lines

Nominal Outside Diameter

Pipes from 1/8" to 12" are measured by

Actual outside diameter

Pipes from 14+" are measured by


Formula for wall thickness


Connector that allows two pipes to be mechanically connected and easily disconnected