Physiology Quiz

One way to reduce the 'pool' of a chemical substance within the body is to

increase the rate of excretion of that substance

The general name given to a molecule that can "bind" to a protein as long as there is complementary conformation and affinity is

a ligand

which of the following means of regulating an enzyme-mediated reaction is directly affected by changes in rates of the transcription and translation?
a. temperature
b. enzyme concentration
c. enzyme activity
d. all of the above

b - enzyme concentration

which of the following processes of molecular movement does not involve a concentration gradient?
a. diffusion
b. osmosis
c. endocytosis
d. secondary active transport

c - endocytosis

a sample of human red blood cells is placed in a test tube containing 0.1M (100mM) solution of MgCl2 and 0.1 (100mM) solution of urea (permeable). Which of the following outcomes would you expect?
a. the cells will shrink
b. the cells will swell
c. the ce

c - the cells will stay the same

plasma membrane receptor activation

is the initial step leading to the cell's ultimate response to a first messenger

to increase the sensitivity of a cell to a first messenger, the cell needs to

up-regulate the receptor

which of the following is not a plasma membrane effector protein directly acted on by a G protein?

protein kinase C

which of the following statements about G proteins is not accurate?
a. G proteins are involved in the signaling by lipid-soluble hormones such as steroids.
b. G proteins can either stimulate or inhibit adenylyl cyclase.
c. G proteins could indirectly affe

a - G proteins are involved in the signaling by lipid soluble hormones such as steroids.

we are kind of like donuts?
a. true
b. false

a - true