Human Anatomy & Physiology: Ch 26 Flashcards

Under normal circumstances, most water is lost in __________.


The role of ADH is to ___.

Increase water reabsorption.

Which hormone raises blood calcium levels?


A decrease in blood CO2 levels leads to __________.

An increase in blood pH

Which buffer system is the most abundant in the body?


What is the effect of hyperventilation on pH?

respiratory alkalosis

Hypersecretion of aldosterone results in hypokalemia, which causes
hyperpolarization of neurons; this in turn results in ______

the need for a stronger than normal stimulus in order to trigger an
action potential

The fluid link between the external and internal environment is ________.


Total body water is not a function of which of the following?A)
amount of body fatB) body massC) ageD) amount of
water ingested

amount of water ingested

When the production of hydrogen ions in the body is the same as their
loss, you are in ____________________.

acid-base balance

The largest percentage of body water is located in what compartment?

Intracellular fluid

Annie has just eaten a large order of heavily salted french fries,
some pickled eggs, and some cheese. How will consuming this much salt
affect her physiology?

There will be a temporary increase in blood volume.

98% of calcium filtered by the kidney is reabsorbed due to the action
of ________.

Parathyroid hormone

Which condition would cause a drop in pH?


The most prevalent electrolyte in the extracellular fluid is _________________


Blood analysis indicates a low pH, and the patient is breathing
rapidly. Given your knowledge of acid-base balance, which of the
following is most likely?A) respiratory acidosis B)
metabolic acidosis C) metabolic alkalosis D) respiratory alkalosis

metabolic acidosis

True or False
Salts are lost from the body in perspiration, feces, and urine.


Whereas sodium is found mainly in the extracellular fluid, most
________ is found in the intracellular fluid.


The most important buffer system in the intracellular fluid
compartment (ICF) is the ____________________.

Protein Buffer System

Pica occurs when there is a deficiency of _________ in the body.

Minerals such as iron

The condition in which sodium levels are too low is referred to as ____________________.


A patient with alkalosis would experience ____________________


Physiology adjustments of water and electrolytes are made by
____________________.A) aldosterone.B) ADH.C) atrial
natriuretic peptide.D) None of the aboveE) All of the above

E) All of the above

Diuresis peaks _________ after drinking water.

1 hour

True or False
Most acidic substances (hydrogen ions) originate as by-products of
cellular metabolism.


Edema may result from _______

Lymphatic Blockage