Human Anatomy & Physiology: Ch 23. Digestive System Flashcards

The terminal portion of the small intestine is known as the ________.


The function of a lacteal is to ____________________.

Absorption of fats and other nutrients.

Pepsinogen, a digestive enzyme, is secreted by the ________.

Chief cells of the stomach.

In addition to storage and mechanical breakdown of food, the stomach ________.

Initiates protein digestion and denatures proteins.

True or False
Food is contained in the gastrointestinal tract from the time of
ingestion until it is completely digested and the waste prepared for elimination.


The sheets of peritoneal membrane that hold the digestive tract in
place are called ________.


Which vitamin requires intrinsic factor in order to be absorbed?


You have just eaten french fries, buttered toast, ice cream, and
whole milk. Which of the following glands would be active in helping
you to digest this food?

The pancreas

True or False
The submucosa is in direct contact with food.


Gastrin is a digestive hormone that is responsible for the
stimulation of acid secretions in the stomach. These secretions are
stimulated by the presence of ________.

Protein and peptide fragments

True or False
Some of the microbes that often invade other organs of the body
are rarely found in the stomach. The reason for this is the
presence of HCl.


Which of the following enzymes is specific for proteins?A)
dextrinase B) amylase C) trypsin D) lipase

C. Trypsin

True or False
The gall bladder stores and releases bile, but does not produce it.


Pancreatic amylase does not get to the small intestine via
the ________.

Cystic duct

Chyme is created in the ________.


Digestion of which of the following would be affected the most if the
liver were severely damaged? A) lipids B) carbohydrates
C) proteins D) starches

A. Lipids

Which of the following is not true of saliva? A) cleanses the
mouth B) contains enzymes that begin the breakdown of proteins
C) moistens food and aids in compacting of the bolus D)
dissolves food chemicals so they can be tasted

B. Contains enzymes that begin the breakdown of proteins

Which of these is not a component of saliva? A) lysozyme
B) a cyanide compound C) defensins D) nitric oxide

D. Nitric oxide

The function of the hepatic portal circulation is to ________.

B. Collect absorbed nutrients for metabolic processing or storage

The major means of propelling food through the digestive tract is ________.


Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of the
stomach?A) The stomach releases enzymes to digest
carbohydrates.B) The stomach mucosa is folded into
rugae.C) The stomach produces a double-layered coat of alkaline
mucus.D) The stomach has three layers of muscle in the
muscularis tunic.

A. The stomach releases enzymes to digest carbohydrates.

What is the major digestive function of the pancreas?

Production of digestive enzymes

In the __________ phase of gastric secretion, chyme is moved into the duodenum.


Most digestion and absorption of nutrients occur in the __________.

Small Intestine

Which vitamins are made by the bacteria in the large intestine?

B complex and K vitamins

Which of the following processes occurs only in the large
intestine?A) Mechanical digestionB) AbsorptionC)
DefecationD) Deglutition

C. Defecation

An effective way to medically treat diarrhea would be to use a drug
that ______.

Inhibits the activity of the myenteric nerve plexus

Which vitamin requires intrinsic factor in order to be absorbed?


The final product of carbohydrate digestion is ____________________.

Glucose, fructose, and galactose

From the esophagus to the anal canal, the walls of every organ of the
alimentary canal are made up of the same four basic layers. Arrange
them in order from the lumen.

mucosa, submucosa, muscularis externa, and serosa

What part of the tooth bears the force of chewing?


Parietal cells of the stomach produce ________.


True or False
The major stimulus for production of intestinal fluid is
distention or irritation of the intestinal mucosa by hypertonic or
acidic chyme.


In addition to storage and mechanical breakdown of food, the stomach ________.

It is the first site where absorption takes place

Which of the following is not a phase of gastric secretion? A)
cephalic B) gastric C) intestinal D) enterogastric

A. Cephalic

Nervous control of gastric secretion is provided by ________.

A. Somatic neurons in the spinal cord

Which of the following sphincters is under voluntary control?A)
PyloricB) CardiacC) Internal analD) External anal

D. External anal