Ch6 and 7

Industria birth and death rates x and y axis lables

Y-birth and death rates

What do the years go by and go to on the graph

1845-1985 (go by 10)

What does the y axis go by on the graph


What is the annual growth rate of industria in 1950? Show work


What was the birth rate in industria in 1977? Show work

R=b-d (add 4/1000 and -10/1000 and get 14/1000)

Two factors that caused decline in death rate

Improved medical care
Improved water supply

Specific reason for high birth rate

Lack of women's rights

Specific reason for why high birth rates were so slow to decrease

Employment opportunities were slower for women

Population size of industria in 1951 if the population would continue to grow (show work)

70/2.5=28 and then divide 56 by 28 and then after doubling that twice you would get 10,000,000

One explanation for why diseases seldom cause extinction

Genetic diversity in populations enables some resistant organisms to survive and reproduce

Two threats to the survival of bats if the total number is very small

Competition from other species with a similar niche
Difficulty finding mates when populations are small

One aspect of bat biology that could slow the recovery of a bat population

Advanced age at first reproduction

Two ways in which other organisms can be affected by bat decline

Increase in bat food sources
Decline in bad predators due to decreased food supply

Identify two ecosystem services and explain how each are beneficial

Oxygen production- human respiration
Biodiversity- food, medicine, genetic diversity

Reason for increase in diseases

Climate change- allows disease vectors to survive in places that were too cold or dry