Introduction to STEM


A word formed from the first letter of each word in a list


Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics


Able to recover quickly


A way of studying the physical Earth through experimentation and observation


Using knowledge to develop products and systems that satisfy needs, solve problems and increase our capabilities


Application of science and mathematics to create and build structures and products


The study of numbers, shapes, and patterns

Ms. Flesner

Your STEM teacher and an all-around swell lady ;)


A person who is trained in and uses technological and scientific knowledge to solve problems

Outline Notes

A system of note taking that uses the Roman numeral system and puts information in the order from bigger ideas to smaller ones


An acronym that helps us be better students by sitting up, listening, asking and answering, nodding, and tracking the speaker

Google Draw

An application from Google Workspace that we used to create a digital poster


Limitation or restriction


To repeat in order to achieve, or get closer to, a desired goal.


An original model on which later versions are patterned

Engineering Design Process

The steps that engineers use to design something to solve a problem

First step of engineering process

Define the problem

Second step of the engineering design process

Research and identify constraints

Third step of the engineering design process

Brainstorm multiple solutions

Fourth step of the engineering design process

Select the most promising solution

Fifth step of the engineering design process

Build a prototype

Sixth step of the engineering design process

Test and evaluate prototype

Seventh step of the engineering design process

Iterate to improve results

Eighth step of the engineering design process

Communicate your results

Computer Science

The study of computers, algorithms, and their impact on society.


A set of steps to complete a task.


Language which can be understood by a computer.