Chemistry (Lab Safety)

When you read the label on a chemical container, what are the three most important pieces of information?

The concentration level and the safety warning and the chemical name

How many times should you read the labels information before you open the container?

Three times.

Is it important to be exact when preparing a chemical reaction? EXPLAIN.

If you miss something or are inaccurate chemicals could harm you if they aren't mixed correctly or if they overflow.

What should you do with the leftover chemicals after and experiment? What should you do with the products of an experiment?

Dispose of the chemicals in proper wast containers and wash the materials.

How can you draw small volumes of liquids into a pipette safely?

Draw the chemicals with a pipette bulb.

Why is it important to read all the instructions all the way through before beginning an experiment?

If you miss a step it can be extremely dangerous.

When you need to carry chemicals from one place to another in the lab, what size container is the safest to use?

A small container is the safest to use and easy to control.

If you spill a liquid chemical, what should you do?

Report spills immediately and stay away from the chemicals while your teacher cleans them up. Teacher will barricade spill with absorbent like kitty litter.

Should you add acid to water or water to acid.

add acid. "aa" pour acid with stirring rod

Before hooking a Bunsen Burner to the gas line what should you look for?

Cracks and that it fits securely.

How quickly should you turn on the gas?

Slowly, after the match is lit.

When you use a striker, where should you stand?

Stand away from the match at arms length, and approach burner form the side.

If your flame sputters or goes out, what should you do?

Turn off the gas immediately.

If you smell gas in the room, what should you do?

Turn off all gas lines immediately.

Is it safe to heat a sealed container? EXPLAIN

No, the gas must be able to escape and if it doesn't the glass will explode form pressure.

Is it safe to work near heated objects?

As long as you don't touch them.

Is it safe to use glassware that has cracks or stars? EXPLAIN

No, if the glass is broken the gasses and leak out and an explosion can occur.When glass is heated it can break.

How can you safely carry a heated object?

In a beaker with tongs, never your hands and wear gloves.

Is it safe to heat flammable chemicals (gasoline) with a Bunsen Burner?

heat with heating mantle or steam bath.

Thermometers contain either alcohol or mercury to indicate temp. Which substance creates toxic vapors when exposed to air?

Both are, but Mercury more so.

If you break a mercury thermometer, what is the safe way to clean it up?

Have your teacher clean it. The kit and the broken glass should be disposed off in the proper containers. (2 different)

Before choosing a thermometer for a specific job, what should you know?

The range of the thermometer.

What is the most common cause of injury in the lab?

People get cut from glass tubing when not lubricated before inserting the stopper.

Describe how to use and inserter?

Lubricate, push through stopper, insert glass into stopper and remove the inserter.

If you do not have an inserter, how should you insert glass tubing into a rubber stopper? How can you protect your hands?

Lubricate the tubing before inserting and use leather gloves.

What is the safe way to insert a thermometer into a stopper?

Use glycerin to lubricate thermometer.

If you have just one sample that needs to be centrifuged, what must you do before turning the centrifuge on? Describe.

Balance the centrifuge with another test tube first of water.

If the centrifuge starts to vibrate or move across the counter top, what should you do?

Turn it off.

How should you stop a spinning centrifuge?

Let it stop on its own.

What types of shoes are appropriate for the lab?

Closed leather shoes.

Describe the type of clothing you should wear on days when you will be working in the lab.

Long close sleeves, cotton, lab apron, long pants or a long skirt, Hair tied up, natural fabrics and older clothes.

How should you protect your eye from chemicals and glass shards?

Wear goggles with side shields.

Why is it important to remove jewelry, watches and contacts before working in the lab?

They can trap corrosive chemicals on skin, ruin jewelry and contacts can trap vapors against eyes.

How can you protect your hands when working with corrosive chemicals?

Wear the proper gloves.

Is the lab a safe place to eat, drink or put on makeup. Why or why not?

No, chemicals can contaminate these things.

What is the safe way to read a burette that is above eye level?

Lower it to eye level or step on a stool

Where should you keep your personal belongings during a lab day?

Away from the lab, on your desk.

What are the pieces of safety equipment in the lab? Where are they?

Safety Shower (front), Eye Wash Station (front), Fire Extinguisher (back), Fire blanket (back), Medical Kit (teacher's desk

How do you extinguish a small fire in a container? What should you do if you have a larger container?

Cover the small fire or for a larger fire use a fire extinguisher or fire blanket and have your teacher use it and call the fire department.

How do you put out a clothing fire?

Safety Shower, Stop Drop Roll, Fire Blanket.