GPAT exam 1 additional questions

Which collagen is most prevalent in basement membrane?

Type IV

Which of the following diseases are NOT characteristic of AIDS? A. lymphoma; B. Tuberculosis; C. Herpes simplex virus; D. Kaposi's Sarcoma; E. None of the above

None of the above

What is used to characterize an AIDS infection?

Decreased CD4 count, increased viral load

Where are B cells derived?

(fetal) bone marrow

What is essential in the creation of vaccinations?

Plasma cells, B lymphocytes

Atopy is

A local chronic allergy

What are characteristics of a type I hypersensitivity reaction?

Hives, itching, and redness

What is NOT true of MHC?

Most similar in first cousins

What is another word for urticaria?


Which is a characteristic of Sjorgen syndrome?

Keratocongivitis and xerostomia

Angioedema is

Localized swelling in response to an allergic reaction

What is the result of vasodilation?

Redness and heat

Which of the following diseases involves the thyroid?

Graves disease

What is not characteristic of chronic inflammation? Neutrophils, Multinucleated giant cells, macrophages, lymphocytes


Foreign body giant cells are also referred to as Langhans cells. True or false?


Which of the following is not in acute inflammation? Leukocytosis, Fibrosis, vasodilation


Which cell is the hallmark cell in acute inflammation?


What is true about anaphylaxis?

Bronchoconstriction, can be treated with anti-histamines

Ischemia can cause: (ribosomal detachment, increase in aerobic glycolysis, cell shrinkage)

Ribosomal detachment

What is the most important antigen-presenting cell?

Dendritic cell

Which of the following is not a cause of atrophy? Increased functional demand, aging, hypoxia, ischemia, interruption of hormonal/endocrine stimulation

Increased functional demand

Edema is the infiltration of only inflammatory cells into the site of infection. True or false?


What determines if organ hyperplasia can occur

Capacity for renewal/regeneration

Which of the mediators of acute inflammation activate pain receptors?


Hypertension can lead to

Compensatory hypertrophy of myocardial cells

Plasma cells are

Terminally differentiated B cells

Which chemokine influences acute inflammation?


Healing by primary intention is

A clean incision with approximated ends, little granulation tissue forms and less scar tissue results

What is true of Barrett's disease?

Changes in squamous to glandular cells in esophagus due to increased gastric reflux

Which of the following is a labile cell?

Gastrointestinal tract cell

Integrins are important for?

Leukocyte margination

What is the direct movement of cells due to a chemical signal?


Which hypersensitivity is characterized by antibody-mediated and alteration of cell function?


What are the cytokines released by macrophages that mediate acute inflammation?

IL-1 and TNF-alpha

Which of the following is a predisposition to candidiasis?

Sjogren's syndrome, HIV, T-cell deficiency (All of the above)

Stem cells and cancer _____ telomerase activity. The most important assault for cell gaining is _____.

Have; oxidative stress

Melkersson-Rosenthal disease is characterized by:

Labial swelling, facial palsy, and fissured tongue

Which of the following is incorrect?

There is inflammation with apoptosis

What happens with necrosis?

Degradative enzymes released; chromatin condensation, fragmentation, and degradation; initial cell swelling; ions accumulate inside and calcification

What is angiogenesis?

Formation of new blood vessels

What is released by mast cells that causes increased vascular permeability and vasodilation?


What is hydropic swelling caused by?

Dysfunction of sodium-potassium pump

Corticosteroids are

Used to treat RA; predispose you to immune suppression

Too much of a good thing is not a good thing is relevant to which of the following diseases: Sjogren syndrome, lupus, candidiasis


The immune system...

Has a discriminative invader response, distinguishes self and non-self, and has memory (all of the above)

Change from one cell type to another is known as


Waiting until an infection is resolved before performing tissue repair is considered

Healing by tertiary intention