AP Human Geo- Unit 1 K1 Notes

What do maps allow us to do?

to view, interact, modify, and show location


space on the Earth's surface; a synonym for geographic.


a visual representation that stores information

Reference map

locating and navigatingstores general information

political map

political boundariescountries, states, etc, and their names

physical map

natural featuresmountains, rivers, climate, etc.

road map

Shows roads and highways

plat map

focuses on a smaller arealand ownership and property lines

thematic map

statistical/informational mappresented in themes/patterns

choropleth map

shows location and distribution of spatial datadifferent colorsin percents/amounts

Dot Distribution Map

frequency and distribution of somethingshown in dots

graduated symbol map

shows the amount of something and locationdifferent sized symbols

isoline map

shows constant valuesuses lines to connect points of equal value

Cartogram Map

shows statistical informationsizes of spatial area are distorted to represent amounts


sizes of things in the real world compared to a mapin ratios or words


where something is or where its occuring

absolute location

precise locationlatitude & longitude (numerical terms)


imaginary lines that run east to west, parallel to the equator


Distance east or west of the prime meridian

relative location

where something is in relation to other thingsconnectivity and accessibility


description of where things are in relation to each othercardinal directions


measurement of how close/far things are to one anotherfeet, miles, hours, minutes

absolute distance

exact distance between two or more placesmeasured in terms of feet, miles, meters, or kilometers

relative distance

nearness based on time or costmeasured in time and how you are travelling


how a pattern is spread over an arealocation, quantity


putting a 3D object on a 2D surface

Mercator Projection

used for navigationdirections shown accurately, latitude and longitude, distortion by poles

Peters Projection

true proportions of countriesaccurate sizes of land masses, inaccurate shapes.

conic projection

general use in mid-latitude countriescurved, size and shape are accurate

Robinson Projection

general useoval shape (flat globe), minimal distortion