LECT (A&Pll) Wiley Ch.18 Endocrine Function

Identify the characteristic that the endocrine and nervous systems have in common.

effects are exerted on target cells by binding to specific receptors

What is the correct description of adrenal gland hormone regulation.

adrenal medulla regulated by neural stimuli; adrenal cortex regulated by hormones

Which is the term that describes an interaction where two hormones produce greater effects together than either one does alone?


Which is the term for a hormone that acts on the same cell that secreted it?


What applies to the endocrine system?

acts on all types of cells

A(n) ______ is the mediator molecule that is delivered to tissues by the blood.


Virtually all types of body cells can be regulated through the activity of the _______ system.


Most hormones are released into the ______ fluid and then enter the bloodstream.


Hormone levels in the bloodstream tend to be low for which of the following reasons?

Small amounts of hormone can produce large effects.

The endocrine system is composed of glands that secrete

into interstitial fluids

How will the sensitivity of a target cell's response to a hormone change after up-regulation?

It will increase

What hormones are a catecholamine?


When a G protein is activated, it will activate _________.

adenylate cyclase

Hormone A is needed to stimulate the production of an enzyme in a cell. The enzyme is only produced when the hormone binds to the intracellular receptors. These influence transcription and translation of the gene that codes for the enzyme. What would explain why the protein is not present in a cell after the hormone stimulated the target cell to produce it?

The person may have inherited faulty copies of the genes that produce the functional enzyme.

Which is the term for an enzyme that phosphorylates other cellular proteins?

protein kinase

A patient with an inability to produce adrenocorticotropic hormone is likely to have a deficiency in the secretion of which of the following hormones?


What is produced by the adrenal medulla?