Kines Final stuff

Where is the spinal canal larger

cervical vertebrae

Where is there a larger chance of impingement

T7-T10 because they are smaller

What is the Atlanto-occipital joint made of

C1 atlas ( concave) and occipital bone (convex)

What actions happen at the AA joint

NO rotation, supporting head, slight F/E, & side bending

What is the Atlanto-axial joint

C1 atlas (concave) and c2 axis (convex)

What functions occur at the Atlanto-axial joint

rotation, slight F/E

What kind of joints are C2-C7

facet joint with 3 DOF (flexion, rotation, & lateral flexion & extension

What is cervical resting posture

craniocervical region extension 30-35 degrees can extend another 55 flex 45-50

Which muscles do cervical flexion/extension

flexion: SCM, scalenesextension: splenius, rectus captius (occipital muscles)

The AO joint doesn't do


The AA joint doesn't do

side bending/ lateral flexion

c2-c7 does

flexion, extension, rotation, SB/LF

What action happens during protraction

flex mid lower cervical spine, extend upper cervical spine

What happens during retraction

flex upper cervical spine, extend mid-lower cervical spine

In the thoracic spine what is extension limited by

adjacent downward sloping spinous processes

Flexion of Thoracic Spine

superior/ anterior slide inferior facets T5 on superior facets of T6

What is the function of nucleus pulpous

type 2 collagen SHOCK ABSORBER

annulus fibrosus (surrounds nucleus pulpous)

collagen rings fibers resist- sliding, rotation, distraction

Angulation of femur normal adult


angulation of femur for newborns

150LE longer, in adducted position

angulation of femur old age

105 LE shorter, in abducted position

In hip closed chain kinematics what happens in anterior tilt

PSIS higher than ASIS with increased lumbar spine lordosis

What muscles are activated in anterior tilt

hip flexors, lumbar spine extensors

What happens in closed chain posterior tilt

PSIS lower than ASIS with decreased lumbar spine lordosis

What muscles are activated in posterior tilt

hip extensors, abdominal flexors

What does the ilio-femoral ligament do

limit hip extension, posterior pelvic tilt, adduction (superior band), ER (inferior band)

What does the pubo-femoral ligament do

limit hip extension, abduction, ER

Ischiofemoral ligament

limit hip extension, hyperflexion, abduction, adduction with flexion, IR

Function of the ligamentum terms

limit extreme hip adduction, flexion, IR, adduction

What is the Trendelenberg sign

weakness in gluteus medius pelvis opposite the side of the weak gluteus medius drops while the weak leg is in stance

Trendelenburg lurch:

patient may laterally lean the trunk over the side (quadrates lumborum) with weak gluteus medius

Lurch Sign

weak hip extensors force patient lurch the trunk backward by leaning trunk posteriorly

When is the patella most mobile

fully extended knee

When is patella manual mobilization

loose packed position