Orgo 7

alpha carbon

name of the carbon adjacent to the carbonyl carbon


are the alpha hydrogens on aldehydes or ketones more acidic?


are aldehydes or ketones less likely to react with nucleophiles?


typically, is the keto or enol form more thermodynamically favored?

an alpha beta unsaturated carbonyl compound

in the Michael addition, what does the enolate attack? (what acts as the electrophile?)

Strong Sterically Hindered Base

what kind of base forms the kinetic enolate?

weak, small bases

what kind of base forms the thermodynamic enolate?

an aldol

what is the product of the aldol reaction's first step?

an alpha, beta unsaturated carbonyl

what is the product of the aldol reaction's second step?

by ensuring one of the molecules has quaternary alpha carbons

when using multiple carbonyl compounds in an aldol reaction, how can you ensure that one of the molecules will never act as a nucleophile (will never form an enolate)?

aqueous base and heat

what conditions favor the retro aldol reaction?