ybyh ii integumentary system


main form of communication in MT

important for massage therapists

hands soft/smooth

nerve receptors

in skin

nerve endings

in the dermis

first area

of pain


thermal receptors

function of integumentary system

1. protects body from foreign objects2. synthesizes vitamin d from sun3. sensation of pain ,temperature, sweat etc4. secrets fluids from body cannot contain

skin is largest organ in body

12-15% of body weight


outter layer and fastest reproducing layer


thickest layer

subcutaneous layer

adipose layer sebaceous oil glands

layer skin order out to in

epidermis, dermis, subcutaneous layer

hair has erector pili muscle

pulls it up

skin system contains

blood vessels, nerves, and other support structures

sebaceous glands

secrete oil on to hair

fingernails and toenails

hard cells at end of digits to protect them

skin thickness

varies through out the body

skin is thinnest

at eyelids

epidermis is thicker

at the palms and soles of feet for protection

skin color determined by

pigments. genetics has a lot to do with it

melanin determines how

brown skin is

increased circulation results in increased

redness and warmth in an area