Understanding OT

Transactional relationship

Occupational therapy practitioners use their knowledge of the _________ among the person, his or her engagement in valuable occupations, and the context to design occupation based intervention plans that facilitate change or growth in clients factors and skills needed for successful participation


T or F? Occupational therapy practitioners do not need to enable engagement through adaptations and modifications to the environment or objects within it.


Based on the lesson, which of the following services are not provided by Occupational Therapists to clients with disability and non-disability needs?

Participation ; Quality of life

According to the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists, Occupational Therapy is the promotion of __________ in productive and meaningful activities in daily life and it is for the enhancement of an individual's __________.

Philippine Academy of Occupational Therapists (PACO) / Occupational Therapy Association of the Philippines (OTAP)

Which organization defined occupational therapy as a profession that aims to help an individual perform meaningful tasks as a member of the family or community regardless of disability?


T or F? In 1946, Andre Roche founded the department of occupational therapy at the PCAU I General Hospital after receiving training in Rehabilitation and arts and crafts under US Army physicians and red cross nurses.

Charlotte Aspuria

She received her Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy from Milwaukee Downer College, University of Wisconsin after completing a year of practical training at the New York Goldwater Memorial Hospital and became the first certified Filipina occupational therapist in the United States

William Rush Dunton Jr.

He was the first to conceive and originally use the term "Occupational Therapy" and is the father of OT.

Mary Reilly

She stressed that OTs are there to help the clients increase their quality of life, rather than to "fix" their problems.

The Arts and Crafts Movement

In 1862-1911, _______ was founded in response to the industrial revolution. It's basic principle: value for authentic experiences, natural processes of construction, and quality of life.

individuals' engagement in meaningful occupations

According to the Philosophical base of Occupation Therapy, what is it's the focus and outcome?


T or F? There is no art found in the Occupational Therapy process.


T or F? The focus and outcome of occupational therapy are individuals' engagement in meaningful occupations that support their participation in unrealistic situations.

innate need and right

Based on the Philosophical Base of Occupational Therapy, all individuals have a/an ______ to engage in meaningful occupations throughout their lives.


In Occupational Therapy, this provides guidelines for the development of a professions' theoretical foundations. It is concerned with critical analysis and synthesis of observable data.


Which of the following is not considered as one sector of occupation in the Australian Model of Occupational Performance?

Social Environment

Among the different kinds of environments, this environment has to do with the people that one surrounds themselves with—whether it be their family, friends, or even co-workers—as well as the roles they play in the lives of others.

KAWA Model

This model compared our life to a river that represents our life flow.


OTPF-4, the American Model of Occupational Performance, stands for Occupational Therapy Performance Framework.

Affective, Physical, Cognitive, and Spiritual

Based on the Canadian Model of Occupational Performance, the Performance Components consist of?