Test 1 study guideHS

What makes up people, vechicles and roadways?


Roadway users

Pedestrians, drivers, and cyclists that use HSI

vechicle code

Contains a states driving laws

Driving is a what because you have to interact with people

Social task

Decision making

is the biggest problem for young drivers

When braking use the what phase of IPDE


Zone control

system used to manage space around your car

A defensive driver experiences what in the driving environment?

Constant changes

Traffic tie-ups and collisions

cause breakdowns in the HTS

Learning to drive is a what?

Continuous process

The purpose of traffic signs are to?

to regulate, to warn, to guide


to let others before you

Basic speed law

to drive no faster than it is safe to do

Warning signs are?

diamond shaped

A orange sign represents?

a construction zone

School signs are placed aproximately what from schools?

1 block

Always give rights of way to?


A yellow light means?

that a red light is about to appear

yellow lines mean?

traffic is moving in opposite directions

White lines mean

Traffic is going in the same direction

Solid lines

no passing

Broken lines

Passing is permitted

White stop line

Always come to a stop when approaching

Curbs painted red,yellow, or white means parking is what?

Not permitted

Traffic control officers are what to be followed regardless


A flashing red light means?

Stop, then proceed when the way is clear

If a light is yellow when approaching an intersection then what?

Make an effort to stop if possible

A pennant shaped sign means?

No passing